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This large lake is one of nine TVA projects on the Tennessee River. Chickamauga has 810 miles of shoreline and more than 35,000 surface acres. Located in Meigs, Rhea, Bradley, McMinn, and Hamilton counties, the lake is composed of two major bodies of water, a 59-mile stretch of the Tennessee River and a 30-mile section of the Hiwassee River. Chattanooga is located on Chickamauga Lake. Primary species of sport fish include white crappie, bluegill, white bass, channel and blue catfish, largemouth bass, and sauger.
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Posted by: Jeff Barber on December 15, 2005
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    Reviews of Chickamauga Lake

    Reviewed by Mickie Davis on September 23, 2015

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    DO NOT TENT CAMP HERE!!!! Horrible Racoons that can unzip tent doors. Yes. I am serious.

    We stayed here once several months ago and yes there were racoons that would hover around the perimeter while you were cooking on the camp grill and would knock things off the picnic table while you were sleeping.
    But, this time (Sep '15) was very different. They were aggressive, banged on the metal garbage cans ALL NIGHT, destroyed anything left outside, and repeatedly attempted to get into our tent. I did not sleep all night. My husband went out and ran them (9 of them) off over and over but they came right back.
    I heard them scratching on the tent (we have a 2-room tent and had the door zipped to the bedroom). I would bag the side and yell. That lasted for about 15 minutes each time. Then I heard the door zipper and the racoon was INSIDE THE TENT WITH US! We yelled and made a fuss and he ran back out the door. He did it again about an hour later.
    Can you imagine a family with young children in a one-room tent. The kids would be screaming and jumping and the coon will bite/scratch someone. This would results in RABIES series for the injured party as coons are known carriers of rabies.
    The next morning a saw a Park Ranger and told him..He could have cared less. "yeah there are lots of racoons."
    Not just that. But when I went to launch our boat, the Park Main office was right there. I was going in to talk to them about it. That same Ranger was pulled over talking to another man on foot and I could hear them talking about us and laughing and laughing. "They were in a tent, what did they expect?" he said. No respect, no interest in customer satisfaction. Just riding the cushy State job to retirement I guess.
    I went in. I told them we were leaving and I wanted a refund for one night but didn't really care if I got it or not. I wanted them to understand that they have a very bad nuisance animal issue and those animals need to be trapped and relocated. They are not afraid of people and are destructive. Parks have to do this to bears all the time. They just looked at me and shrugged. I am sure nothing will be done.
    We will never go back to this park again,
    P.S. The shower bathroom facilities in the camping area are from the 40s and are pretty horrible. Broken tile everywhere. holes through the walls. Shower heads that trickle. BAD. Swarms of mosquitoes this time of year also.
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    Reviewed by Guest on September 14, 2009

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    We were delighted with the campground at Harrison Bay State Park, which we visited in mid-September. Peaceful, well-managed (clean bathrooms with showers, grounds litter-free, etc.), with beautiful lake views, a field for ball games, a playground, etc. It even has a lovely Sunday morning worship service. Very convenient to Chattanooga, yet spacious and free of commercial ugliness. It provides the best of both worlds. We would definitely go back!
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    Chickamauga Lake 3.00 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.

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