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This fully developed campground is set on the banks of the Big Biloxi River contains 25 campsites--16 with water and electric hookups
Contact: US Forest Service (
Posted by: Jeff Barber on January 2, 2006
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    Campground Amenities

    Picnic area with pavilion¬? Bathhouse with showers¬? Dump station¬? 1/2 mile nature trailPavilion Fee is for reservation only. Users must pay day use fee in addition to reservation fee.Campgrounds are for recreation use only.Campground is open to day users from sunrise to sunset.Gates are open from 6am to 10pm. Check out time is 2pm.All visitors to campers must pay day use fees and leave by 10pmNo loud noises that unreasonably disturb another are allowed. No loud noises (including radios and generators) are permitted after 10pm.Camp sites are limited to a maximum of two vehicles and a maximum of four people (or one family).Camp sites are available on a first come basis. Reservations are not accepted.All tents or campers must be set up on tent pad areas.Camp fires are permitted only in the fire ring (if provided). Let trees live, cut only dead and down wood for campfires.No firearms, air rifles or gas guns. No discharging of fireworks.No alcoholic beverages.Campground limit of stay is 14 days, May 1-October 31 and 30 days from November 1-April 30.All pets must be on a leash (no longer than 10 feet).No live stock allowed.Operation of low PSI vehicle (3-4 wheelers) is not allowed.Park or leave vehicles according to posted instructions.

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    Reviews of Big Biloxi Campground

    Reviewed by John Dunn on June 29, 2016

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    We have been camping here for the last 5 years quiet well kept clean, clean, clean close to home and can even commute to work if we want to extend our stay past a long weekend. Now the sad part over the last year there has been no camp host we went last week to find what looks like a homeless compound spanning over 8 sites in the back loop, bath house disgusting, grass knee high, fire pits full of trash (food cans, plastic, beer bottles, even dirt dippers) I called the ranger station and they acted like it was no big deal and if they could get in touch with the ranger he would swing by in the next couple of days. In his defense he is just one man that covers many miles and the ranger station is about 90 min. away. She also stated that the grass cutting crew was just there 2 days ago.
    I am at a loss as what to do to fix this it is a small nice out of the way (if you blink you could miss it) park in a National Forest and no one seems to care about the state of disarray it has fallen into.
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    Reviewed by ACORNS on November 14, 2011

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    Well it would be a good campground if there wasn't a overzealous commando officer on the loose writing everyone tickets for the slightest infractions. Officer A. Bolton is a bad image for campgrounds on the Gulfcoast. It's not that I don't agree with him doing his job, I'm happy he does, but it's the nature in how he does it. He's extremely rude, arrogant and seems to want to actually do you harm. You feel threatened by his presences. He's overly suspicious and seems to have the mentality that you're guilty until proven innocent and does it in a behavior that you will carry with you forever. He needs to be replaced. I will never return to any campgrounds or forests where I think he may be, I don't like the fear of wondering if I'm doing something minor wrong and he could pull up any second and try and search my belongings again. By the way, don't leave your toilet paper on the ground or you'll get a ticket for littering if he's around.
    I say "Booooo!!" for A.Bolton and anyone that supports him!
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    Reviewed by brdilumj on August 7, 2011

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    Our friends and My family took our mortorhomes to Big Biloxi for the week-end. We took our children, had set up horesshous, had been throwing the frisby and footbell and were having a good time. We were a bit surprised that we were the only people in the campground. The campground is very heavely patrolled by both the sheriff dept and the dept of forrest services. Our experience turned bad when An officer for the forrest services came to our site. I have to agree with bradinfairhope from this point on. This officer may be doing his job but does so in a very unprofewsional manner. I have never been harrassed in such a fashion by anyone. We were corporative, he was beligerant, in front of our children. We have been to many campgrounds throughout the US and have never had an issue with the adult beverage, Alcohol. If someone is out of hand it has always been taken care of. For God sakes, the president of the US has had a beer on the front lawn of the white house and made national news. Our tax dollars are paying for these facilities the ban on Alcohol, a legal substance should be lifted. I suggest that this facility was empty because of the treament by federal officials such as A Bolton. Our fee was not 13 dollars as listed on the web site, it was 20 dollars. I think the Host, which we pay for basically have 16 acres to themselves to enjoy. What a job. I cannot recommend this site. What I can recommend is that in this fiscal crises ou nation is in that it be closed.
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    Reviewed by shorty on May 7, 2011

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    We disagree with bradinfairhope,about his review on Big Biloxi campground. Officer A. Bolton was doing his job!In Desoto National Forest there is no alcohol allowed. If you are caught drinking alcohol in the campground, the officer has a right to issue a ticket,because your breaking the park rules.To keep the park family friendly, the Officer was doing his job. We have camped here on our way to FL. for 4 years,the reason we camp here is because it's quiet, beautiful,and alcohol free.
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    Reviewed by bradinfairhope on April 4, 2011

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    Our group just had a horrible experience with a ranger at the Big Biloxi campground. Officer A. Bolton came into the park on Saturday evening and systematically swept throught the park looking through vehicles and tents and making all campers open their coolers looking for alcohol. Anyone caught with alcohol was made to pour it out and was given a $125 ticket. We were all treated like common criminals, and I have never seen such a look of hatred coming from a law enforcement officer before. Extremely unprofessional and abusive - even though we were extremely polite and cooperative. I will never step foot in Desoto National Forest again unless they do something about this guy. We wondered why this great-looking park was almost empty on a beautiful spring weekend. The camp host confirmed that the guy is a menace and will ticket campers for the most minor offenses - such as parking a car or staking a tent the least bit off the designated areas.
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