GSI Pinnacle Camper Cookset (Photo: REI.com)

GSI Pinnacle Camper Cookset (Photo: REI.com)

When heading out into the backcountry or frontcountry, food planning, packing, and preparation is always a priority!  For years, many of us have battled with stainless steel pots, non-stick frying pans, heavy mugs, and other kitchenware.

Fortunately, in recent years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number and quality of backcountry appliances for food preparation and cooking. We have begun to utilize items that weigh far less, are less bulky, and feature multi-use design.  Perhaps one of the leaders in this technology has been GSI Outdoors, implementing lightweight design with sleek style and ingenuity.  The Pinnacle Camper Cookset fits this description, but also works to redefine group cooking in outdoor settings.

GSI Pinnacle Camper: Bundled together and condensed

GSI Pinnacle Camper: Bundled together and condensed


The Pinnacle Camper is a strategically-designed cookset that maximizes space, boosts performance, and improves the overall cooking experience.  The set comes with a huge variety of items that are designed to fit seamlessly into a carrying case that also doubles as a wash basin for your dishes and utensils.  The list of items includes a 3-liter pot, 2-liter pot, 2 strainer lids, 9″ frying pan, 4 mugs, 4 bowls, 4 plates, 4 lid tops, pot gripper, and wash basin. The set is designed for both frontcountry and backcountry use. From my experience, it works well for up to four people in both settings.  The entire set weighs in at just over four pounds, which is plenty light considering that is has everything necessary for at least four people!


Opening up the lids to reveal mugs, plates, and more!

What’s it like?

The GSI Pinnacle is a burly option that sports a versatile, multi-use system. The lids are “crushproof” and able to fit both the pots and pan included in the kit.  The mugs are double-layered for insulation, or can be separated to have a mug and bowl at the same time (or eight cups).  The pots are incredibly non-stick with a reassuring, sturdy design.  The frying-pan lid is a great addition for helping add creative recipes to the meal plan. And the wash basin dualing as a case is just smart thinking!


Dual-layered mug/bowls inside of the GSI Pinnacle Camper

2 Liter pot inside of larger 3 liter pot with plates

2 Liter pot inside of larger 3 liter pot with plates

What’s not to like?

The GSI Pinnacle Camper sports a high-quality design, to say the least!  One of the biggest suggestions that I could make is the consideration of adding another frying pan to the mix. Based on personal preference in group settings, I sometimes benefit from having two pans for many of my meal plans… however, it’s a reasonable compromise when thinking of adding the weight and possibly some additional bulk to the cookset.  The only other thing that people may struggle with is the price point–at $130, it can sometimes be hard to justify buying a new camp cookset.  Where GSI shines is when people finally get it in their hands–it’s then that outdoor enthusiasts understanding the value of having a cookset like the Pinnacle Camper!  Other than this, I can’t think of much that I would target to improve about the Pinnacle Camper cookset!


Crushproof lids with silicone rim and rubberized construction

Field Tests

To date, I’ve used the Pinnacle Camper for over twenty days in the field through a variety of conditions and environments. I’m pleased to say that it has exceeded my expectations each time on trip!  As a backcountry guide, I’ve had the chance to use the Pinnacle to its full capacity with groups of participants, putting it to the true test.

During this time, I’ve made a couple of additional observations:

1) At first glance, the pot lids seem like they would melt when in contact with hot metal. Luckily, this is a myth!  The silicone rim prevents the possibility of damaging your lids when boiling water and heating food over camp stoves.

2) The pots hold their shape better than ones I’ve used in the past.  The packing design and hardened aluminum seems to boost the longevity of these pots, holding their form and resisting small dents and malformations that normally occur through repeated use.

3) The pot grippers are wicked awesome. Sometimes I just find myself wanting one for each pot!

4) The plates and cups are lightweight and bomber.  Use them!  For some reason, it’s taken me until now to leave my other bowl and plate behind… because I’m finally realizing the benefits of having a super-reliable, compact cookset that includes all of them!


GSI Pinnacle being used in the field — Modified lid technique!


Simply said, I haven’t found a cooking product that beats the GSI Pinnacle Camper cookset!
It’s a simplistic, high-performance, smartly-designed, all-in-one camp cooking solution.

The pots are very well-designed and the associated items follow suit.  I’m impressed with how much GSI Outdoors has packed into the Pinnacle, their largest camp cookset on the market.  The Pinnacle Camper is definitely worth checking out and considering as an investment in your outdoor arsenal!


Thanks to GSI Outdoors for providing the Pinnacle Camper Cookset for review!

Clasp holding all items into the case (wash basin)

Clasp holding all items into the case (wash basin)

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