Talk about a unique flavor!

I know what you’re thinking right now… “Thai Sweet Chili? Woa!”

That’s right!  And it’s pretty incredible!


In recent years, KIND has grown to be widely known in the “granola bar” world–maybe more properly labeled as snacks and snack bars. With a dynamic business philosophy and an entrepreneurial mindset, KIND stands for more than just healthy snacks. They stand as an organization committed to “making the world a little kinder, one act at a time.” To this day, the company thrives on a philosophy oriented on social good and positive vibes by leading a company that is driven more by impact than profit (kindsnacks.com/about).


Apart from inspiring and breeding kindness, the company KIND also prides itself on all-natural ingredients with no hidden or artificial contents in their snacks. Health and taste are at the core of each of their products. Within the brand, they have several lines of products–their STRONG & KIND bars are among some of the most well-known!


New on the market this year: a STRONG & KIND bar flavored like Thai Sweet Chili (insert excitement here!).


Right off the bat, I was not sure what to expect from this flavor… KIND has always produced some solid, interesting products in the past, so I was eager to try it out! Although hesitant that the flavor could prove overpowering, it actually turned out to be quite pleasant and totally unique!  Thai Sweet Chili balances a zesty spice with a sweet counterpart–all in a single snack bar.


When trying the new KIND bar, I didn’t feel overwhelmed with flavor, but was definitely struck by appetizing aspects that encompassed everything of this bar’s namesake: Thai. Sweet. Chili.  You can expect all of these to jump out at you, before blending together in a dance of flavorful fancy!  After tasting, enjoying, and thinking through the flavor, I’ve been left with a bit of a bias–but I think it’s totally worth trying this new flavor, if you get the chance!




MSRP: $36.00 (24 bar case)

Huge thanks to KIND for providing a sample for review on Tripleblaze.com!

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