BGNativeSleepingBagJack Frost may be knocking at the door but that doesn’t mean you have to hang the boots up and put the tent away. With the Bear Grylls Native Series of mummy sleeping bags you will spend your winter out on the trail finding another adventure and get a warm, cozy night’s sleep.


The Bear Grylls Native Series Mummy bag comes custom-fitted for men or women with either a 30°F (-1°C) or 0°F (-18°C) temperature rating option. Thanks to the gender-specific fitting this bag offers excellent warmth and comfort and makes even the coldest winter night that much more enjoyable.

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An outer shell is made of 75D-240T Diamond rip stop polyester, making this bag tear- and rip-resistant. The inside lining is made from smooth and soft to the touch 50D 310T Polyester. The secret to the warmth is the Thermolite synthetic fiber, which is water-resistant and wallet-friendly. However, this makes the bag weigh in at 3 pounds (1.4 kg).


Loaded with features that are designed to keep you warm and comfortable, the Native Series Mummy bag did not disappoint out gear testers. The comfort hood is ergonomically-designed with a collar draw cord to trap body heat in and keep the cold out. To increase your warmth, a zipper draft tube running the entire length of the zipper keeps your body heat in, making sure you’re warm and comfy no matter how low the thermometer drops.


Anti-Snag Reversible zippers make getting in and out simple and hassle-free, with the ability to zip the men’s and women’s bags together. I assume it’s to conserve body heat in an emergency situation, or let you use cheesy lines like, “Sorry Honey, we have to zip together to conserve body heat–science.”


The internal zipper pocket allows you to stow away important gear with easy access, such as lip balm, head lamp, or a knife (yes, it is big enough for your phone if you brought it). The articulated foot box keeps your feet warm and comfortable without feeling trapped or bound inside of this mummy sleeping bag.


Foot hanging loops on the bottom are perfect for hanging to dry or air out. Included is a compression sack, making room in your backpack for other gear.



The Native Series bag provides a warm slice of home when you are out on the trail and the temperatures drop below freezing. With a tough outer shell, the native series bag resists rips and tears. The silky-smooth liner offered a warm night’s sleep and was arguably more comfortable than staying home in bed.


With comfort in mind, this bag focused on keeping your hard-earned body heat inside the bag and cold drafts from wrecking a good night’s sleep. The hood offered excellent insulation with a collar that kept the cold out even when the temperatures reached 2°F on one test night. The zipper draft tube was extremely effective and did not jam the zippers like other sleeping bags tend to do. The inside zipper pocket offered easy access and made finding important gear quick and easy.


Insulation is important for lower temperature bags and this synthetic insulation did a wonderful job keeping us warm. Like any other synthetic insulation the advantage is that you don’t have to worry too much about a wet bag, but you are giving up the weight and compressibility of down insulation.

The wonderful thing about the Bear Grylls sleeping bag line is that the male and female bags zip together, giving you a bit more room and a more comfortable night sleeping with your significant other.


Overall this bag is perfect for the budget-conscious adventurer who wants to stay outdoors even when the mercury drops. The construction of this bag is excellent and survived the wear and tear out on the trail. Weight and lack of compressibility due to the synthetic insulation are limiting factors, yet it helps keep more green in your wallet.

MSRP: $119.99

Special thanks to Bear River International for providing the Bear Grylls Native Serries Mummy Bag for review. 

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