How many different styles and brands of sunglasses are out there?  The number of options seem endless sometimes… but the brand Switch offers something truly unique that is worth investigating in the world of outdoor optics.  Check it out:

Lynx crystal grey with lime

The crystal grey Switch Lynx sunglasses! Photo Credit: Switchvision.com (Switch)

Switch sunglasses use a magnetic interchange technology that literally allows you to pop the lenses out of the frame and replace them with different lenses of a different tone or tint. What’s incredible about this magnetic frame is that the lenses hold in place just as well as most sunglasses and can REALLY endure jarring, rattling, and getting knocked around.

Here’s a simple demonstration of how the technology works:

The polycarbonate lenses are super tough–I’ve had them get knocked around and scraped over a variety of things, but they have yet to show any significant wear or damage. The nylon frame is also very aggressive and flexible in its ability to take on the toughest of conditions. These sunglasses stay true to their placement because some friction rubber was designed on the inside of the frame, and they hold some dynamic, yet comfortable, tension around the rider/hiker’s head.


+30 Miles on the Pacific Crest Trail with the Switch Lynx! Working incredibly and looking good!

Field Tests: Switch Lynx

I used the Lynx sunglasses for months in almost every type of condition and a variety of environments. From California to Colorado, and Minnesota to Wisconsin, I found myself constantly impressed with the quality of these sunglasses.  The Lynx is an ideal pair of optics for outdoor sports enthusiasts!  Out of all that Switch has to offer, I found that the Lynx was prime for mountain biking, climbing, hiking, and paddling because of its ability to deliver high-definition, improved visual perception, with unparalleled adaptation using the magnetic lens system.


Look really carefully! Can you see Zion canyon in this photo? #EPIC

Unique Features

At first I thought that the magnetic lens system would prove to be cumbersome or tedious, but I was very surprised at how convenient and easy it was to swap out lenses on a regular basis.  As an invested bike commuter to work and campus, I keep my low-light lenses (rose-tinted) for riding back at dusk, and they give me great definition and clarity when biking! The lenses are also super-easy to clean because they pop out so easily when force is applied correctly. I’ve been able to keep these glasses clearer and cleaner than any other pair that I’ve owned.


The rubberized headband really allows athletes and recreationalists to push the limits!

Other features to love on the Switch Lynx include the incredibly-strong frame, rubberized and comfortable headband, and rubberized nose piece. Not to mention, the Lynx comes with its own case, an extra set of lenses, a lens pod, and a microfiber cleaning kit.  This package is pretty sweet!

What’s not to like?

If the Switch sunglasses come off your hat, get bumped off the dashboard, or fall to the ground, the lenses will come out and scatter (sometimes).  This could create a greater propensity to get scratched lenses or to lose one or two.  However, I have yet to see it as a major issue as they snap back in firmly and easily after an incident.


Switch Lynx glasses at the Grand Canyon in full sunlight — Lenses were working awesome that day to take in all of the incredible views around us!

Bottom Line

As an outdoor professional, I highly recommend check out Switch sunglasses! There is so much to be said about the ability to change lenses easily on the go, and to have super high-quality optics that won’t fail you. After months of use, I’ve never been let down by the Lynx, and only have good things to say about the lens system and quality of Switch products.

MSRP: $189.99

Thanks to Switch for providing the Lynx sunglasses for review.

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