I was pleasantly surprised when I got home the other day and discovered a beautiful package waiting for me. I’d agreed to try out Tea Drops. 

These little nuggets of tea goodness are designed to take away the hassle of preparing tea, especially at work: getting out your tea ball, filling it, steeping the tea, adding milk and sugar… all while still trying to accomplish things at your desk.  Enter the Tea Drop, a dissolvable little star (or flower or bundt) of tea and organic sugar.  According to their website, myteadrop.com, a tea drop “is a condensed shaped tea comprised of finely sourced tea, natural sugar, and aromatic spices creating a blissful tea blend…”


Tea Drops arrive in either this lovely wood box or a compostable box; you can choose your preference when you order.  I received the variety box and was able to sample cardamom spice (like chai), ginger citrus, and sweet peppermint tea.

I chose to start with the cardamom spice since I drink chai tea every morning.  According to my box label, the cardamom spice drops were the stars:

Tea drops combine finely compressed tea with natural spices and sugars

Tea drops combine finely compressed tea with natural spices and sugars

I was doubtful that this little cube of tea goodness would actually dissolve, but it did! (Mostly.) The flavor was wonderful! It needed no added sugar but provided a light spiced tea, perfect for my morning.  I did still add milk to it, of course, but at least I didn’t have to deal with a pesky tea bag or loose leaf tea.


The cardamom spice tea drop made a delicious cup of chai-like tea.

At work I let a friend try the ginger spice.  She said that after the first sip, which she thought was a little spicy, it mellowed, out and she really enjoyed the flavor and hints of lemon and honey.  The ginger spice tea drops were “bundt” shapes:


If there is a downside to these drops, it could be that the tea drinker is sometimes left with a bit of residue. The peppermint tea in particular leaves a little dusting of peppermint residue. While most of this sinks to the bottom, it can be a little bit off-putting to look at–until you take a sip and realize that this is the best peppermint tea you have ever had. And then you’ll just enjoy every sip until the last one. That sip will have any residue that sank to the bottom, so you might just want to leave it.

Why should  these become part of your outdoor camping or backpacking routine?

1. Less trash: when backpacking, not having to pack out soggy tea bags would be a welcome change.

2. Less weight: I wouldn’t have to bring sugar with me!

3. Better tea with less hassle: these tea drops give you all the greatness of loose leaf tea without any of the mess. When camping or backpacking, taking out the hassle makes life way easier.

Tea drops are available in a variety of flavors: cardamom spice, chocolate earl grey, citrus ginger, golden amber, pumpkin spice, rose earl grey, sweet peppermint, and tumeric, for a starting price of $12 per 8-drop box.

Thanks to Tea Drops for providing their product for review!

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