Above and beyond normal energy gels, GU has released the Roctane Endurance Gel series after years of testing with thousands of athletes who have engaged in extreme activities and endurance competitions. Roctane Gels are superior to GU’s original energy gel recipes through the addition of new ingredients formulated to add more performance punch.


Roctane offers 100 calories of carbohydrate energy through a concentrated glucose and electrolyte gel.  The extra ingredients that are included in the Roctane series contribute to decreasing fatigue, enhancing muscle recovery, and to decrease perceived effort (as well as other physiological benefits). The Roctane series is a bit higher in price than the original gel series because of the higher level of caffeine (I tested the the caffeine free version, though) and the cost that it takes to manufacture and include these other ingredients.


I had the opportunity to try out some Roctane Lemonade Gels for mountain biking and hiking excursions and was quite pleased with the results!  I definitely noticed satisfying energy that kept me sustained during the activity, without the bulky feeling of eating granola bars or other, more massive alternatives.  GU recommends taking their products with water fifteen minutes prior to training or activity for best results in exertion.  I also included the gels in my pack and enjoyed them while on trail during breaks, which seemed to work very well for me.

Overall, I would recommend the Roctane series to anyone participating in high-endurance activities, serious recreationalists that are training/competing, or outdoor enthusiasts looking to carry some compact energy with them when on trail or in the bush!

MSRP: $20 (box of 8)

Thanks to Outside PR and GU for providing this product for review!

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  • James Tracy

    I also liked this gel. However, if I didn’t space it out with water, I’d start to feel queasy. Probably just a by-product of having a sensitive stomach.

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