When trekking long distances, backpacking, or hiking, I’ll admit that I’ve been one to suffer from pressure points and harmful rubbing on my feet from constant vibration and shifting in my boots. In fact, many of us reading on Tripleblaze have probably suffered from blisters or other ailments at one point in time, or even on a regular basis. Ezeefit Sports offers several solutions for many of these problems with their assortment of boot liners that, essentially, provide a second layer of skin to absorb the friction!

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I had the chance to demo a pair of Ezeefit Ankle Booties over the past month while out on trail. To my delight, they did, in fact, prevent harmful rubbing and blisters around my ankles. In particular, I noticed a great deal of heel protection that was invaluable in the boots that I was using! Especially when boots build a hard spot on or above the heel, these booties were awesome in combating the rub. The booties are designed to prevent heel lift from happening, making these an immediate joy to wear!


The Ankle Booties are made to protect your feet using a super-stretch neoprene or bonded lycra layer that catches friction before it reaches you. The booties also are encouraged for use with or without socks, which is a great feature if you’re looking to save boot space or cut down on heat. Neoprene will get toasty after awhile, that’s for sure!

When searching through the ankle bootie selection, you will find three different thicknesses. I tried the ultrathin, and it worked fine for me! But if you think you’ll need more protection, 2mm and 3mm are other options available.


Another great feature of these booties is that you can wash them, rewash, and wash again. No special soap is needed, and the bootie holds up well in machine washers. However, the ideal washing method is said to be by hand in order to maximize longevity of the booties.

Photo: Ezeefitsports.com


Other things to keep in mind are that these booties work the same whether wet or dry, mostly because they are made to wear as a tight layer next to your skin. With that comes an important focus on sizing them properly, and they may feel quite tight when you first put them on. However, they provide quite a bit of freedom in movement and flexibility when on trail… after awhile, you won’t even notice that you have them on!

For the price, I think that Ezeefit products could be a great investment for someone that suffers from blisters or rubbing when hiking, backpacking, or trekking.  If you’re looking for a way to protect your feet, save that classic pair of hiking boots, or escape shifting-boot-syndrome, the Ezeefit could be a great choice for you!

MSRP: $17.00

Thanks to Deep Creek PR and Ezeefit for providing this kit for review!

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