On the outside, it may look like a simple paracord bracelet… but when you look closer, an incredible array of survival equipment is literally at your fingertips with the Wazoo Mountaineer Survival Kit Bracelet.  Boasted as “the most complete wearable survival kit” on the market, this bracelet ranks among the most unique and interesting wrist-wear that we have ever seen, that’s for sure!


It’s referred to as a “kit” because this bracelet contains fourteen pieces of different gear! Interested in having some useful items on hand when on the trail?  How about paracord, surgical tubing, firesteel, striker blade, fishing line, fish hooks, emergency tinder packets, and ranger bands?


Or even a needle, mirror, straw, retro reflector, or wire saw?  All of these things are intuitively designed and pieced together into a super solid, but flexible, bracelet that you can have with you at any time, anywhere, and in any environment.



While testing its durability and comfort, my favorite piece of the Wazoo Survival Bracelet quickly became the whistle. I believe this was due to the fact that I could utilize the whistle to signal and communicate in various situations, and that it was always at the ready! Utilizing most of the fourteen pieces involves dismantling the bracelet, either partially or fully, but the whistle is actually always accessible and usable from the outside.


The buckle on the bracelet is also noticeably hefty and durable.  It could easily be used for a variety of fastening needs, even without taking the bracelet completely apart. As you may have seen above, the whistle feature is built into the male buckle of the bracelet.


When examining the other elements of the bracelet, I was fairly impressed with the design detail and durability of this “survival” product.  Although some parts are small and unique, they certainly provide a bit of confidence and assurance that, if you needed to use them to survive or for emergency response, you could.


As I continued to wear and utilize the Wazoo Mountaineer Survival Bracelet, I did begin to build more confidence in it as a useful tool. Although I would be hesitant to ever deconstruct it, especially because of its pricing, I do think that this bracelet can add assurance to your excursions into remote environments–and that it will function as a useful tool for you, as it did for me.


The Mountaineer Bracelet is said to, if needed, provide the tools that you need to build shelter, navigate, repair gear, secure food, and help with first aid care. The whistle, fire-starter, and ranger bands are readily accessible without completely disassembling the module.

The entire bracelet was developed with the intent of creative use, meaning that the user is not limited to specific functions of the items or bracelet, but that the user can feel free to practice ingenuity and use it for whatever he/she deems necessary.


Bottom Line

The Wazoo Mountaineer Survival Kit Bracelet is a unique and powerful toolset for outdoor enthusiasts to wear or pack for worst-case-scenario situations.  With the bracelet, its safe to say that users can have some additional confidence and assurance knowing that they have a plethora of resources at their fingertips in the case that they should need to respond, react, build, create, ignite, or repair when out on trail.


MSRP: $77.00

Thanks to Deep Creek PR and Wazoo Survival Gear for providing this kit for review!

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  • James Tracy

    Look cool, but once you take apart, there’s no real putting it back together, is there?

  • AJ Heil

    James — You are correct! Once disassembled, I’m pretty sure there’s no real putting it back together. More of an emergency kit that anything else, ya know? Hopefully you never have to completely disassemble it though!


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