Throughout the past few months, Tripleblaze has been able to develop and publish a variety of articles about one of Mississippi’s best-kept backpacking secrets: the Black Creek Trail.  This 42-mile trail was an unexpected surprise to us as a scenic, remote, and little-traveled route for winter backpacking and hiking in the Southeast.


Recently, we’ve made friends with some of the folks that help maintain and ensure that the Black Creek Trail stays in good shape and that users remain responsible in terms of outdoor ethics and environmental preservation. The Wild South is an organization that partners with the Forest Service to monitor and maintain wilderness areas throughout the southeast in order to ensure quality recreation for years to come. They work to recruit volunteers, perform trail maintenance, educate trail users, and find partner organizations to help maintain areas such as the Black Creek Wilderness and the Black Creek Trail.


Along with producing these articles and building these relationships, we have also recently added the Black Creek Trail to our trail database on Tripleblaze.com, and hope to gain reviews from our users and friends for the trail listing.  If you would like to contribute or view the new listing, feel free to visit the trail database here.

Our other articles and resources for the Black Creek Trail are being included in this resource roundup, as Tripleblaze has quickly become the website with the highest quantity and quality of information regarding the Black Creek Trail. By means of this roundup, we hope to make this content even more accessible for those looking to get out and enjoy the Black Creek Trail in future weeks and months!

Our Detailed Trip Report of the Black Creek Trail
Wild, Rustic, Southern Backpacking: The Black Creek Trail, Mississippi

Photoblog Series of our Thru Hike of the Black Creek Trail
Photo Blog: Backpacking the Black Creek Trail, Part 1
Photo Blog: Backpacking the Black Creek Trail, Part 2
Photo Blog: Backpacking the Black Creek Trail, Part 3
Photo Blog: Backpacking the Black Creek Trail, Part 4

Interview with Local Trail Expert & Outfitter
Interview: Brandon from Black Creek Canoe Rental, Mississippi

Black Creek Trail Listing (open for content contribution)
The Black Creek Trail Hiking Trail


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