You’re out camping in Yellowstone National Park.  It’s getting late, and the fire is burning down to some glowing embers.  As the conversation softens, your eyelids also begin to grow heavy, and you think of your cozy tent off in the corner of the campsite.  Lucky for you, a warm sleeping bag and a soft camp pillow are waiting inside!  The Grand Trunk Travel Pillow, actually…



The Grand Trunk Travel Pillow is an adjustable travel pillow designed to be highly portable, comfortable, and adaptable to a wide variety of nights.  The pillow is touted as being able to provide a much better sleep opportunity than your average wadded-fleece-jacket-pillow nights, whether you’re on trail, in a campground, or on a plane.



The outer fabric of the pillow is soft, comfortable, and smooth, to provide excellent sleep. It is made out of a water-resistant polyester and serves as the shell around some super-soft “high-loft poly” filling within the pillow.

When traveling with the pillow, I would recommend always utilizing the stuff sack, as it will provide a protective layer around the pillow’s soft exterior, helping you avoid rips or wear to the pillow.

Other than the pillow fabric, the seams of the Travel Pillow appear solid, and the cord drawstring looks to be of a high quality!



One of the coolest parts about the Grand Trunk Travel Pillow is its ability to take on a different shape, height, and density using the drawstring system.  The user can slide the adjustment down the drawstring and customize their travel pillow to the comfort and size that he/she prefers, unlike many single-size travel pillows.  The drawstring can also be tucked into a small flap of fabric on the bottom of the pillow to make the pillow more uniform.

Another great feature is the pillow’s stuff sack.  This sack is of great quality and functionality to contribute to Grand Trunk’s Travel Pillow product.  I think the stuff sack is particularly noteworthy because it significantly decreases the size of the pillow and compacts it together very well!  At first, I was surprised at how hard it was to initially stuff the pillow into the sack after use, but then I realize that it really was the perfect size for stuff-compression of the pillow.

Stuffed Dimensions: 8 x 6in
Fully-expanded Dimensions: 20 x 16in


Field Tests

When putting the Travel Pillow to the test, I used it in a variety of situations, including both travel and camping.  At camp, the pillow performed extremely well for its weight and size. After using the pillow on two trips, I was convinced that it was incredibly more convenient than packing a full-size pillow for car camping trips.  In particular, I would use the pillow when hammock-camping in the frontcountry.  It worked very well regardless of hammock vs. tent situations.


I also used the pillow when traveling, and it fared very well! The Grand Trunk Travel Pillow made my journey much more enjoyable and comfortable, and I will continue to use it, especially on long road trips to distant outdoor locations!

The one situation that I don’t see the Travel Pillow as ideal for is backpacking and backcountry recreation.  In particular, the pillow still weighs in at almost a pound and takes up quite a bit of pack space compared to other items.  While you can certainly take it into the backcountry, this is one item that I would usually leave home, since it’s more of a luxury than an essential piece of gear.


Bottom Line

The Grand Trunk Travel Pillow is a seriously cool, comfortable, and classy piece of gear. It provides overnighting enthusiasts with an adaptable alternative to bringing a household pillow or bunching up clothes into a makeshift pillow.

MSRP: $19.99

Thanks to Grand Trunk and Deep Creek PR for making this review possible!

Read more about the Grand Trunk Travel Pillow here.

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