Are you a commuter, student, or hiker that could use a dependable daypack?
Look no further than the Granite Rocx Tahoe!

The Tahoe is a casual 35-liter pack that combines simplicity of design with fantastic functionality.  It is the only pack in its class that includes a cooler, bottom straps, and the ability to hold items in-between the spine of the backpack and the main compartment.

When searching for a dependable pack, I believe the Tahoe to be an excellent choice for the everyday lives of many people!  Whether you’re hiking a peak or biking to campus, the Tahoe suits a variety of needs and lifestyles.

Durability & Build-Quality

The Granite Rocx Tahoe is made with high-quality material that is water resistant and fights against both the natural elements and recreational abuse. The backpack is made from 420D ripstop nylon that has proven to be quite strong and dependable. Through about two months of daily, intensive use, the Granite Rocx Tahoe has yet to show signs of wear and tear!  It has persevered and held up to the tests–I’ve seen no rips, worn areas, frayed straps, broken buckles, or torn cord to speak of!

I have, however, had a small issue with the back zipper.  It seems to have trouble zipping and moving over a portion of my pack’s zipper line.  This creates a bit of a hassle, but has not compromised the durability of the Tahoe. With a little care, the issue is easy to get around, and Granite Rocx is working to improve their design and remedy this issue with future models.

Backpack with cooler attached (Photo: Granite Rocx)

Feature: Cooler

One of the unique features of the Tahoe is that it comes with a twelve can cooler that attaches to the back of the pack using a three-buckle system.  The cooler comes with its own shoulder strap as well, and has a carrying capacity of around 9 liters. When going to the beach, the local climbing crag, or taking a day-hike, this feature proves very useful!  I have yet to test the cooler feature in the spring or summer heat, but I look forward to using it as the months grow warmer!  From what I can tell, it works quite well for keeping things cool for the duration of a typical day-hike.

Detached cooler (Photo: Granite Rocx)

Feature: Strap Systems

The Tahoe features several unique strap systems: (1) waist and chest, (2) bungee-cord weave on backside, (3) strap system between spine and main compartment, and (4) bottom straps underneath pack.  Probably my favorite of the three are the waist and chest straps that allow the pack to conform very well for commuting, jogging, biking, or longer hikes.  The bungee weave system can also be very useful for holding things such as shirts, towels, rain jackets, and other lightweight items.

The most unique strap system on the Tahoe is the one intended for flat folding chairs or other similarly-sized objects. This strap system spans the area between the padded back of the backpack and the backpack’s main compartments.

Backpack with flat folding chair (Photo: Granite Rocx)

Bottom Line:

The Tahoe is a dependable front-country pack for casual and recreational use.

I’ve used the Granite Rocx Tahoe for quite some time now and have yet to be seriously disappointed.  While not all of the features prove to be useful all of the time, the Tahoe combines some very innovative and unique ideas into a one-of-a-kind design for a variety of recreational uses.  The Tahoe is fun and functional all the time!

MSRP: $65.

Thanks to Steve from Granite Rocx and Deep Creek PR for making this review possible!

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