There’s nothing like spending a few days in the wilderness with people that share a passion for adventure and the great outdoors!  This photo blog series depicts the photography that I captured during a staff training backpacking trip in May of 2012 for Narrow Way Expeditions of Camp IdRaHaJe (Colorado). As a group, we backpacked through the Mt. Evans Wilderness and thoroughly enjoyed several days of backcountry experiences.  This trip was an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy some of Colorado’s many trails and to spend time in a pristine wilderness area!

Starting off our journey into the wilderness with high energy and heavy packs... This photo displays one of the first sections of our hike into the Mt. Evans Wilderness.

Setting up camp near treeline with snow still present nearby. Cold temperatures, but still good weather for early May!

Taking some time to relax and enjoy the first campsite in the midst of an amazing natural setting... Definitely worth the hike!

The view of our camp from above after hiking to a spot near ridge-line for some excellent views!

Making some tasty dinner for the night and enjoying camp life with plenty of warm clothing layers... Dinner time is arguably one of the most important and enjoyable daily backcountry activities 🙂

Finishing our climb the next day to cross the pass between several snow-capped peaks. Making our way to our next destination while participating in training activities and singing trail songs!


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