Let’s face it: some of us love to camp, while others seem to come up with an excuse every time we mention the word “camping.” If you need help convincing your friends or family to go camping with you, here are 9 responses you can try next time:

“I don’t want to drive a long way just for a weekend campout.”

Tripleblaze.com provides a comprehensive list of government and privately-owned campgrounds throughout the US and Canada. Just search for your city, and you’ll get a list of campgrounds within 25 miles of town. You may be surprised just how many camping spots are located less than an hour away from where you live.

“There probably aren’t any good campsites available at this time of year.”

Many campgrounds do not take reservations but operate on a first come, first served basis. When reservations are required, they can normally be made online. A phone call or an online search should answer availability questions.

“Campground fees cost too much.”

Many government-owned campgrounds are free or have very low fees, especially for tent camping. Private campgrounds are usually reasonable with an average rate of less than $25 per night, which is much less than even a dive motel.

“Too much hassle and expense to board our dog(s).”

Most campgrounds are pet-friendly, so bring the dogs along to enjoy all of nature’s surroundings. Your pets will thank you for their change in scenery.

“I have to have a clean bathroom and hot shower.”

Most campgrounds provide clean restroom facilities as well as hot water showers. Bathroom facilities are normally shown under “amenities” on campground websites and are sometimes described via campground reviews, so do a little research beforehand to give yourself peace of mind.

“I need access to electricity to charge my cell phone/power my hair dryer.”

Electrical and water hookups are available for virtually all RV campsites and for many tent campsites as well. Availability is normally shown under “amenities” on campground websites.

“Camping is boring.”

Yes, sitting around a campsite all day can be boring. But those who camp, know: camping is really just about sleeping outdoors so you can get a jump on activities each morning! You can easily see nearby local attractions, and many campgrounds have access to hiking, swimming, fishing, and even mountain biking.

“Campgrounds are sketchy places.”

No one wants to be disappointed with their campground selection and experience. Campground websites and reviews can be very helpful at weeding out seedy places.

“It might be too cold or too hot, or it might rain.”

You can always check the weather forecast and schedule your camping trip to enjoy the best weather. Some campers actually enjoy the more extreme weather conditions, as it adds a bit of a survival element and sense of accomplishment.

Your turn: which counter-arguments have you used with friends or family members who aren’t gung-ho for camping?

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