If there’s anything that’s guaranteed to ruin a good hike, it’s mosquitoes. They just love to swarm all around and bite you every chance they get. My worst experience yet was when I tried to hike the Sabal Palm Trail in the Picayune Strand State Forest near the Everglades. The mosquitoes were so bad I ended up running through most of the trail just so I could get back to the car.

Sabal Palm Trail

So what should we hikers do when the mosquitoes are out of control? Well, we can always just hide indoors until the bugs retreat–but that’s no fun.

Nowadays, there are many types of repellents to help us deal with the less glamorous side of nature. Unfortunately, we all know just how messy and stinky some of those repellents can be, not to mention that many are made with chemicals which aren’t exactly safe or all-natural. Sometimes I’d rather just get bit by the bugs instead of having that stuff all over my body.

More and more companies are starting to combat this issue by manufacturing products without all the toxic components. Mosquitno is one such company. It’s a family-run business that got its start back in 2009. Since then, they’ve been devoted to helping people who enjoy the outdoors deal with the issue of mosquitoes. The people behind Mosquitno have come up with two different products that are fun, safe, all-natural, easy to use, and quite stylish to boot.


I’m talking about Mosquitno SpotZ and BandZ. Both products are deet-free, non-toxic, and infused with the key ingredient of citronella. The SpotZ are small stickers (about the size of a quarter) that are available in six different, fun themes. Their citronella smell will keep bugs away for up to 72 hours of exposure. They’re safe for kids 3 years and up and you can stick them on hats, shoes, backpacks, clothes, or whatever you like.

The BandZ are 100% silicone rubber bracelets, which come in youth and adult sizes. They last for up to 150 hours of exposure, are waterproof, and come in a variety of different colors. There’s even one that glows in the dark–which comes with an added bonus of being able to find your kid when the sun goes down!

Now to answer some very important questions:

“Do these products actually repel mosquitoes?”

Thanks to our friends at Deep Creek PR and Mosquitno, I was given the opportunity and challenge of testing these things out first-hand. I couldn’t think of any better time and place to do so than in swampy Florida, in mid-summer, while hiking next to a lake.

Hiking next to Lake Talquin, on the Fort Braden Trail in Tallahassee. 

My testing process was simple: I started out on the trail without using the product. Then, I waited for the mosquitoes to find me (which didn’t take long). Once I started getting bit I broke out one of the BandZ and put it on. Next, I selected one of the SpotZ and stuck it on my backpack.

The mosquitoes didn’t immediately vanish, but I did seem to be getting less bites. About 30 minutes later they weren’t really bothering me at all. However, my hiking partner, who had no repellent on, kept complaining about getting bit. I then realized that these products really work.

A smiley-face Spot on my backpack

“Is this product only for hikers? Who would you recommend it to?”

If you spend all of your time indoors and rarely step foot out your front door unless it’s to go to work or go shopping, then this product is not for you.

If you like to do any kind of outdoor activities during mosquito season, then this product is for you. It’s also for your family and your friends who are going to be outside with you. Anyone over the age of 3 can use these products. It doesn’t matter if you’re hiking, camping, boating, picnicking, fishing, playing sports, etc…. the Mosquitno mosquito repellers are extremely useful!

“How much do these things cost, and where can I get some?”

The SpotZ come in packs of 6 for $3.99 each, or you can get a value pack for $17.99. The BandZ are $3.99 each for both youth and adult sizes. There’s also a five-band value pack available for $17.99 in youth or adult sizes. Or you can go all out with a Kids Party Pack of 24 assorted bands for $79.99. If you’re interested, you can check them out and purchase them on Mosquitno’s website.

Many thanks to Mosquitno for providing the SpotZ and BandZ for review. Also, thanks to Deep Creek PR for organizing this review.

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  • Jeff Barber

    The mosquitos have been really bad here in the Southeast this summer so I’m willing to try anything!

  • SarahHikes

    I’ve now been using them when I’m just outside around my house, too. It’s so much better than putting on bug spray.

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