Sylvansport is a small company out of Brevard, North Carolina, and they manufacture the GO camper. I’m currently nearing the end of a month-long road trip with the GO. For more information on my trip and on the features and specs of the GO, check out my “On Review” article on Singletracks.com.

The GO is constructed in Sylvansport’s factory in North Carolina, and 95% of the materials are sourced in the United States. The unique hitches are sourced from Germany, and a few small components are sourced from China (as they aren’t available from any American companies), but in every way possible Sylvansport strives to provide an American-made product.

Take a tour with me through the Sylvansport factory:

The camper frames are all welded in-house in North Carolina.

The frame is constructed from heavy-duty aluminum tubes, sourced out of Greenville, South Carolina.

The tubes are similar to mountain bike tubes--just thicker.

Frames being built.

Unique German hitches, designed to fit a round shaft.

Round shafts/wagon tongues.

The Sylvansport GO uses the same standard lift system that all popup campers use. However, since the GO is so lightweight, the lift system has to hoist much less weight, and the GO has a built-in safety system to guard against lift system failure (which most other campers, despite being heavier, don't have).

Lift system cable and pulley.

Finished camper in the down position.

One trailer loading configuration.

Setting the camper up.

Camper fully setup, sans awning.

While some people might balk at the $8,500 pricetag for a GO, the almost-all American-made materials and the high-quality American construction right here in North Carolina are a definite factor. If you purchase a GO, you know you are getting superb construction and are helping create jobs for Americans!

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