The LP Series PackNet with PackTach Technology from Tribe One Outdoors is like having extra hands to hold the gear you need for your outdoor adventures. The PackNet can hold a lot because it’s made from high strength military spec shock cord. The cords come together at a center hub which makes it look like a 14″ by 14″ spider’s web on your pack. It’s a fitting analogy for a product that holds gear so well.

Getting the PackNet on the backpack and ready to use takes little effort and doesn’t require making any holes in the material. The first step is to get the PackTachs fitted on the backpack. Connecting the PackTachs can be quick and easy or it can take a little longer depending on the thickness and rigidity of the material your pack is made of. Finding where the PackTachs should be attached is unique to each pack, but differences in design and size don’t really matter much because the PackTachs will connect almost anywhere.

It took me less than ten minutes to watch the instruction videos provided on TribeOneOutdoors.com (http://www.tribeoneoutdoors.com/videos.php), figure out how it works, and get the PackTachs connected to my backpack. I spent another five minutes adjusting them so that they fit properly and clipping on the PackNet. Once connected and fitted properly, it was ready to hold my gear. Making adjustments to the PackNet is simple. Just reposition the PackTachs as needed to fit the situation. Some spots are better than others for the PackTachs, so check for any overstretched seams or anything that looks like it might cause a problem on your backpack before heading out on that big adventure. Setting in the PackTachs and connecting the PackNet may take a few minutes, but once it’s on, they won’t have to be fussed with again unless you want to move the PackNet to a different pack.

The PackNet has both an inner loop and an outer loop on the connecting cords for maximum hold of whatever you’re carrying. This feature really adds another level of grasp when they are tightened in.  If the PackNet is too tight, simply clip the PackTachs to the outer loops to loosen it up. Having inner and outer loops is a welcome convenience because you won’t have to move the PackTachs to make slight adjustments. Inner and outer loops also make it a whole lot easier to adjust when your pack is already filled to the top with gear.

I’ve enjoyed using the LP Series PackNet with PackTach Technology bungee system. Maybe too much. Because it works so well for holding all sorts of things, a few words of caution are in order. With this much added carrying capacity, you may be tempted to carry more than you should. Take a few moments to double check the weight of your pack with the PackNet holding your gear before setting off on an adventure. Even if the pack isn’t too heavy, it’s comforting to know the high strength military spec shock cords will hold more than you can carry.

The bottom line is Tribe One Outdoors makes a quality high strength bungee system that won’t come undone while you’re on the trail, and for only $34.95 MSRP, you can toss out those old bungee cords, ropes, and strings.  Thanks to Tribe One Outdoors for letting us test out this great new product!

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