Hiking offers an interactive, up close and personal experience with the landscape. It’s been called restorative and relaxing. But getting into the wild means being exposed to more of nature’s harsh side as well as the good side.

Last Spring I got a strong dose of that striking reality when I walked right over a 4 foot long and highly venomous Timber Rattlesnake. The woods I was hiking had been timbered a few months earlier and the operation left woody debris scattered all over the sparsely treed hillsides. Every other step was across sticks and limbs of every size and shape, which happens to be perfect camouflage for snakes.

I didn’t even realize I was stepping over the snake until it was too late. Luckily, it didn’t seem to be bothered by me and I made it the rest of the way over and past without it striking. Once I was safely across and turned around, I could feel my heart beating like a hammer. That could have been a terrible mistake. One bite from that big snake could have turned my morning solo hike into an emergency situation. I got lucky that time.

The experience really got me motivated to wear better protection when I hike off the trails and through dicey areas. I researched, asked around, and tried different kinds and brands of snake boots. Most of them felt cumbersome, would rub my ankles badly, or were just too heavy to hike more than a mile in. Then I was introduced to the Lacrosse Venom Scent Realtree® APG HD® Snake Boots.

These boots provide 360° snake bite protection from your toes to just below the knees. The Snake Guard is made from thick leather and 100 denier nylon uppers. The inner lining is made from Scent Suppressing® material and uses Dry-Core™ technology to wick moisture away from the feet and legs while at the same time making the boots waterproof from the outside. I’ve used them in the rain and walked through shallow creeks to see just how waterproof they are and they’ve stayed completely dry.

The laces go all the way to the top of the boot. Tying, untying, and adjusting them will make these fit well but is a time consuming activity, so Lacrosse added a large zipper to the outside of each boot that way they can be slid on and off quickly and easily. One of the most impressive features is the well padded, comfortable, and flexible ankle area. The Low Country sole flexes well and has excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions. Even with a reinforced toe cap and a steel shank to protect your feet, the Lacrosse Venom Scent Snake Boots only weigh 5 Lbs. per pair.

I hiked hills and across a variety of terrain for miles in them without a problem. These boots are easily the most agile and comfortable full length boots I’ve ever worn. For $160.00 MSRP, Lacrosse brought together the sole and comfort of excellent quality waterproof hiking boots with the safety of snake protection into one flexible, maneuverable, impenetrable boot design.


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  • mtbikerchick

    I probably would have fainted and landed right on the snake. Wow! Living in Florida I think you’re probably smart to search out boots that are protective against venomous snakes.

    • LightFoot

      Florida trails are often under water and where there is water, there are water moccasins. Wearing good snake boots is one of the best protections against them. Even with these boots on, I still watch closely where I’m walking and what I’m walking over.

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