We made some big upgrades to Tripleblaze over the weekend and we’re excited to share the news!

Photo of the Day

Each day we’ll be highlighting one of the 20,000 member-submitted camping and hiking photos on Tripleblaze – just click the new photos tab in the header to take a peek. We also added a gallery showing all the photos submitted to Tripleblaze.com (ordered newest to oldest) and even a gallery of past photos of the day (in case you miss a day!).

You don’t need to do anything special to submit a photo for consideration – just upload your campground and hiking trail photos to the appropriate listing page. If you have something special that doesn’t fit a listing, just email it to info@tripleblaze.com or post it to our Facebook page.

Enhanced Maps

Now you can share hiking trail and point-of-interest information on Tripleblaze.com! Just find the appropriate hiking trail listing and use the tools to draw a map OR upload data from your GPS. For trails with enhanced map data you can toggle layers on and off and even download the information to your GPS or Google Earth.

We’ve started uploading enhanced maps for select trails like the Appalachian trail so keep checking back for the latest!

Improved Facebook Integration

Tired of forgetting your login and password for Tripleblaze? Try using Facebook Connect instead! Just click the purple button at the top of the site (or here) and you can create a new account or link your existing Tripleblaze account. Then, whenever you return, just click the purple button and you’re logged in!

Once connected you’ll also be able to share your Tripleblaze reviews and photos on Facebook and we’ll even import your Facebook profile pic to your Tripeblaze account. It’s so simple, why didn’t we do this sooner?

Other Stuff

With this upgrade we’re also rolling out trail groups to divide longer trails like the Pacific Crest trail into more manageable segments. You’ll also notice improved wishlist functionality and (coming soon) profile badges based on your member points. Finally, we’ve added some stats to your “My Account” page to make it easier to start contributing.

We’re really excited about the latest additions and can’t wait for the summer!

# Comments

  • mtbgreg1

    I’m digging all of the new features!

  • Sean @ Water Microfilters

    Looking forward to submitting some pictures! If I log in with facebook, does that mean that every time I read something or ‘like’ an article, it shows up in my feed?

  • MountainMan

    Sean, news is only posted to your feed if you check the “Share on Facebook” box when you add a review or photo.

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