I don’t know about you but I’ve always thought pop-up campers were a little, er, ugly. Of course I’m no RV enthusiast but the idea of a pop-up camper is mildly appealing – it is, after all, sorta halfway between a tent and a RV. The Opera is a new pop-up camper design that’s turning heads in Europe and is scheduled to begin production in 2010. Even the logo is pretty sweet if you ask me 🙂

As you might have guessed the Opera takes its name from its design inspiration, the Sydney Opera house. The arched canvas cover keeps the sun and rain off the wine cabinet and espresso bar inside (no kidding). The post I read mentions that this pop-up camper will be targeted to the high end of the market so don’t expect to get one of these on the cheap anytime soon. Let’s just hope other manufacturers get the hint and start giving camping enthusiasts more stylish choices!


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  • Tim

    Funny enough that this is similar to an idea I had for a home-built popup camper. The idea I have was a modern version of the Conestoga wagon frame on a Harbor Freight Tools trailer. The canopy could be pulled down flat for highway travel then erected over arched frames for camping.
    No complex roof hoisting or accordion-fold-out roof. Just simple flexible fibreglass poles and a standard canvas or poly-tarp over it. Cinch the ends like the wagons of old and you are done.

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