We just added a new feature to Tripleblaze last week that we’re super stoked to share with everyone: campground and trailhead maps. Select campground and trail pages include a map showing the vicinity and an icon to mark the campground or trailhead. You can even click the “Directions” link (indicated with the blue arrow above) to get driving directions from your house. We already have maps and coordinates for nearly 700 trails but we need your help to fill in the rest!

Trail and campground listings that have not been located yet have a small link in a yellow box just above the trail/campground title that says “Help us locate this trail/campground.” Click the link and you’ll see a Google Map with an approximate location. Zoom around until you find the right spot and click the map to add a marker. Submit the location and you’re done!

Once we get more coordinates we’ll post a US map showing all the hiking trails and campgrounds and we’ll even add features to help you find trails close to campgrounds and vice versa. Questions? Hit us up via email: info@tripleblaze.com.

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