On Saturday morning I went out to Sope Creek to volunteer for National Trails day and I was blown away to see nearly 200 volunteers ready to work! For those who don’t know, Sope Creek is just a few miles outside Atlanta, GA and is part of the National Park Service Chattahoochee River Recreation Area. Thousands of trail users run, walk, hike, and bike the trails every week but unfortunately the trails weren’t designed for that kind of abuse. In fact, many of the park’s trails are old roads used more than 100 years ago to access various mills that operated on the river and have seen serious erosion over time.


Early stages of adding sticks and logs to a closed trail.


Where’d the trail go? Trail closure complete.

The local mountain bike club (SORBA Atlanta) organized groups of volunteers, many of whom registered through REI, to help complete trail re-routes and close down old trails. My group was picked for trail destruction and it’s pretty incredible what we were able to accomplish in just a few hours. The new trails were cut using a machine several weeks before and volunteers worked hard to put the finishing touches before the trails were officially opened Saturday.


New trail opened just in time for National Trails Day!

Volunteering at the local trails always feels good and it’s a great chance to meet and interact with other trail users. Contact your local hiking or biking club to get involved!

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