The Best Campgrounds in Kansas

Most Popular Kansas Campsites

We've ranked the best places to camp in Kansas using our unique campsite popularity algorithm that accounts for the average rating and number of reviews for a campground, the number of people who have camped or wish they could camp at that campground. Sign up for a free account and vote for your favorite camping sites by submitting a campground review or creating a campground wishlist today!

New! Find the best campgrounds by city:
Lawrence (6), Perry (5), Cherryvale (5), Council Grove (4), Vassar (4), Junction City (4)

Rank Campground Location
1. Pomona State ParkTopeka, Kansas
2. Wolf CreekVassar, Kansas
3. Wilson State ParkSylvan Grove, Kansas
4. Cheney ReservoirWichita, Kansas
5. Hillsdale LakePaola, Kansas
6. Bloomington WestLawrence, Kansas
7. Cedar Bluff ReservoirWaKeeney, Kansas
8. El Dorado LakeWichita, Kansas
9. Milford LakeJunction City, Kansas
10. Ash Group CampgroundLawrence, Kansas
11. Scott State ParkScott City, Kansas
12. Tuttle Creek LakeManhattan, Kansas
13. Canning CreekCouncil Grove, Kansas
14. Cedar RidgeLawrence, Kansas
15. Richey CoveCouncil Grove, Kansas
16. StockdaleManhattan, Kansas
17. West Rolling HillsJunction City, Kansas
18. Sand Hills State ParkHutchinson, Kansas
19. Council GroveCouncil Grove, Kansas
20. Elk City LakeIndependence, Kansas
21. Fall River LakeEl Dorado, Kansas
22. John Redmond ReservoirEmporia, Kansas
23. Marion ReservoirNewton, Kansas
24. Melvern LakeMelvern, Kansas
25. Pearson-Skubitz Big Hill LakeIndependence, Kansas
26. Perry LakeTopeka, Kansas
27. Webster ReservoirStockton, Kansas
28. Arrow RockLebo, Kansas
29. Carbolyn ParkVassar, Kansas
30. Cherryvale ParkCherryvale, Kansas
31. Coeur DaleneMelvern, Kansas
32. Cottonwood PointMarion, Kansas
33. Curtis CreekJunction City, Kansas
34. Dam SiteBurlington, Kansas
35. Downstream PointCherryvale, Kansas
36. Elm Group CampgroundLawrence, Kansas
37. Farnum CreekJunction City, Kansas
38. Goodland KoaGoodland, Kansas
39. Hickory Walnut CampgroundLawrence, Kansas
40. Hillsboro CoveMarion, Kansas
41. LongviewPerry, Kansas
42. Lucas ParkSylvan Grove, Kansas
43. Minooka ParkSylvan Grove, Kansas
44. Mound ValleyCherryvale, Kansas
45. Old TownPerry, Kansas
46. Outlet (pomona Lake)Vassar, Kansas
47. Outlet(melvern)Melvern, Kansas
48. OverlookCherryvale, Kansas
49. Overlook ParkLawrence, Kansas
50. PerryPerry, Kansas
51. RiversideMarquette, Kansas
52. Riverside EastBurlington, Kansas
53. Riverside WestBurlington, Kansas
54. Rock CreekPerry, Kansas
55. Salina KoaSalina, Kansas
56. Santa Fe TrailCouncil Grove, Kansas
57. Slough CreekPerry, Kansas
58. Sylvan ParkSylvan Grove, Kansas
59. Turkey PointOsage City, Kansas
60. Tuttle Creek CoveManhattan, Kansas
61. Venango ParkMarquette, Kansas
62. Wakeeney / Hays KoaWakeeney, Kansas
63. Whitehall BayFall River, Kansas
64. Cedar Bluff State ParkEllis, Kansas
65. Crawford State ParkFarlington, Kansas
66. Cross Timbers State ParkToronto, Kansas
67. Eisenhower State ParkOsage City, Kansas
68. Fall River State ParkToronto, Kansas
69. Glen Elder State ParkGlen Elder, Kansas
70. Meade State ParkMeade, Kansas
71. Milford State ParkMilford, Kansas
72. Prairie Dog State ParkNorton, Kansas
73. John Redmond ReservoirBurlington, Kansas
74. Big HillCherryvale, Kansas
75. Lovewell ReservoirSuperior, Kansas
76. Damsite - Fall River LakeFall River, Kansas
77. Timber CreekWakefield, Kansas
78. Kanopolis LakeSalina, Kansas
79. Michigan ValleyVassar, Kansas
80. Kirwin ReservoirKirwin, Kansas
81. 180New York, Kansas