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Killdeer Mountain Trail
Killdeer, ND
Maah Daah Hey
Medora, ND
Black Butte Trails
Sawyer, ND
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North Dakota (ND) hiking is all about the Great Plains and there are unique trails for outdoor lovers to explore throughout the state.

Eastern North Dakota keeps it simple with plenty of flat terrain and beautiful wide-open prairies for hikers to enjoy. Trails meander through fields and offer a quiet, secluded walk, which is perfect for families with small children. Paths can also be found winding along the Red River in the North, which provides scenic views of its pristine waters. Central North Dakota offers a similar terrain with the Drift Prairie and the Missouri Plateau making up the majority of this area. Hikers can find secluded trails that run along rolling prairie hills and quiet kettle lakes, offering a chance for a quick swim.

Western North Dakota offers plains and prairies as well, but the terrain changes when hikers head into the badlands. There they will find trails leading through canyons, crossing ravines, and skirting gullies. The Missouri River and Lake Sakakawea offer hiking trails along river and lake shores providing scenic views. You can even find hiking trails near cities like Bismarck, Fargo, and Grand Forks!

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Killdeer Mountain Trail Killdeer North Dakota
Little Missouri State Park Killdeer North Dakota
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