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Wille White (t113)
Cloudcroft, NM
Soda Dam Falls
Jemez Springs, NM
The Cloud-climbing Rail Trail
Cloudcroft, NM
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New Mexico (NM) hiking offers a wide range of terrain to explore from snow-capped peaks to vast wilderness areas.

Northern New Mexico brings hikers to Santa Fe National Forest where trails stretch out within its deep wilderness. Forested trails run under the thick tree canopy, and the nearby Rocky Mountain's Sangre de Cristo Mountains provide steep, difficult trails for the avid hiker. Central New Mexico offers trails that explore deep wilderness, grasslands, and deserts in the Gibola National Forest.

Southern New Mexico brings hikers to Gila National Forest where the hiking trails abound. Paths run through the Blue Range Wilderness where hikers can climb steep trails to summit rugged mountains. Deep canyons and semi-desert terrain also have plenty of trails for hikers to explore. Make sure to hike to hot springs in the area, and don't forget to check out trails near cities like Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

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"a" Trail (t119) Alamogordo New Mexico
10k and Tree Spring Trail Albuquerque New Mexico
A Mountain Trail Las Cruces New Mexico
Abiquiu Lake Abiquiu New Mexico
Aguirre Spring Campground Las Cruces New Mexico
Alien Run Trail Aztec New Mexico
Angel Fire Resort Angel Fire New Mexico
Angel Peak Scenic Area Farmington New Mexico
Aspen Vista Santa Fe New Mexico
Atalaya Mountain (174) Santa Fe New Mexico
Aztec Ruins National Monument Aztec New Mexico
Bandelier National Monument Los Alamos New Mexico
Baylor Pass Las Cruces New Mexico
Birdhouse Ridge Albuquerque New Mexico
Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness Farmington New Mexico
Black River Recreation Area Carlsbad New Mexico
Blue Ribbon Cedar Crest New Mexico
Bluewater Lake State Park Prewitt New Mexico
Bosque From Alameda Albuquerque New Mexico
Bottomless Lakes State Park Roswell New Mexico
Brantley Lake State Park Carlsbad New Mexico
Caballo Lake State Park Caballo New Mexico
Cabezon Peak Wilderness Study Area San Ysidro New Mexico
Capulin Volcano Caplin New Mexico
Capulin Volcano National Monument Des Moines New Mexico
Carlsbad Caverns National Park Whites City New Mexico
Cebolla Wilderness Grants New Mexico
Cebolla Wilderness Albuquerque New Mexico
Cerrillos Hills State Park Cerrillos New Mexico
Chaco Culture National Historical Park Nageezi New Mexico
Chain of Craters Backcountry Byway Grants New Mexico
Cimarron Canyon State Park Eagle Nest New Mexico
City Of Rocks Silver City New Mexico
Clayton Lake State Park Clayton New Mexico
Cochiti Lake Pena Blanca New Mexico
Continental Divide National Scenic Trail Las Cruces New Mexico
Continental Divide National Scenic Trail Silver City New Mexico
Continental Divide Trail: New Mexico Hachita New Mexico
31 sub listings
CDT NM01: Mexico Border to NM Hwy 81 Hachita
CDT NM02: NM Hwy 81 to NM Hwy 9 Hachita
CDT NM03: NM Hwy 9 to NM Hwy 113 Hachita
CDT NM04: NM Hwy 113 to Hwy 494 Lordsburg
CDT NM05: Hwy 494 to Burrow Peak trailhead Lordsburg
CDT NM06: Burrow Peak Trailhead to Silver City (US Hwy 180) Tyrone
CDT NM07: Silver City (US Hwy 180) to NM Hwy 15 (Arrastra Site TH) Silver City
CDT NM08: NM Hwy 15 to NM Hwy 35 Pinos Altos
CDT NM09: NM Hwy 35 to Rocky Point (FR 150) Mimbres
CDT NM10: Rocky Point (FR 150) to FR 226 Mimbres
CDT NM11: FR 226 to NM Hwy 59 Winston
CDT NM12: NM Hwy 59 to NM Hwy 163 Monticello
CDT NM13: NM Hwy 163 to the Coyote Stock Tank Monticello
CDT NM14: Coyote Stock Tank to FR 3070 Datil
CDT NM15: FR 3070 to NM Hwy 12 Cruzville
CDT NM16: NM Hwy 12 to Pie Town (US Hwy 60) Aragon
CDT NM17: Pie Town (US Hwy 60) to Jnc. NM Hwy 117 Pie Town
CDT NM18: Jnc. NM Hwy 36 & 117 to NM Hwy 117 Fence Lake
CDT NM19: NM Hwy 117 to Zuni-Acoma TH (NM Hwy 117) Grants
CDT NM20: NM Hwy 117 to the Mt. Taylor Trailhead Grants
CDT NM21: Mt. Taylor Trailhead to FR 239 Grants
CDT NM22: FR 239 to FR 239A Grants
CDT NM23: FR 239A to Cerro Colorado Grants
CDT NM24: Cerro Colorado to Los Pinos Trailhead Cuba
CDT NM25: Los Pinos Trailhead to NM Hwy 96 Cuba
CDT NM26: NM Hwy 96 to Skull Bridge Trailhead Gallina
CDT NM27: Skull Bridge Trailhead to US Hwy 84 Abiquiu
CDT NM28: US Hwy 84 to NM Hwy 110 Abiquiu
CDT NM29: NM Hwy 110 to Hopewell Lake (US Hwy 64) Vallecitos
CDT NM30: Hopewell Lake (US Hwy 64) to Lagunitas Campground Tres Piedras
CDT NM31: Lagunitas Campground to the New Mexico/Colorado State Line Tres Piedras
Coyote Creek State Park Guadalupita New Mexico
Dale Ball Santa Fe New Mexico
Datil Well Recreation Area Campground Datil New Mexico
Devisadero Loop (108) Taos New Mexico
Divisadero Peak Trail #108 Taos New Mexico
Dragons Tail Albuquerque New Mexico
Dripping Springs Natural Area Las Cruces New Mexico
Drop In Tijeras New Mexico
Dry Canyon (t5574) Alamogordo New Mexico
Eagle Nest Lake State Park Eagle Nest New Mexico
El Malpais National Monument Grants New Mexico
El Morro National Monument Ramah New Mexico
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