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Dead Horse Point State Park
Moab, UT
Snow Canyon State Park
Irvins, UT
Jordanelle State Park
Heber, UT
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Camping in Utah (UT) is a unique experience with everything from alpine mountain ranges to desert arches and canyons.

Northern and Eastern Utah camping is defined by the large mountain ranges that run through the area. Ashley National Forest provides alpine camping in the Uinta Mountains, and skilled backpackers can enjoy the primitive tent sites on their hike up Kings Peak. The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest stretches over Northeastern Utah and offers wilderness camping as well as family-friendly camping in the Uinta and Wasatch Mountain Ranges. Here campers can enjoy secluded and sheltered campsites under the thick forest canopy near pristine lakes and streams.

Western Utah highlights arid desert camping, but places to camp can also be found along small mountain ranges. Southern Utah has parks like Zion National Park, where campers can find scenic canyon campsites with views of the mountains, rivers, and unique desert arches. Throughout Utah, campers will find campgrounds with RV and camper sites, as well as tent sites, and amenities like swimming pools, children's playgrounds, and running water. Park City, near Salt Lake City, is a popular outdoor town in Utah, with plenty of hiking trails and campgrounds as well.

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Arches National Park Moab Utah
Canyonlands Campground Moab Utah
Big Bend Campground Moab Utah
Dead Horse Point State Park Moab Utah
Dewey Bridge Campground Moab Utah
Drinks Canyon Camping Area Moab Utah
Echo Camping Area Moab Utah
Fisher Towers Recreation Site Moab Utah
Goldbar Camping Area Moab Utah
Goose Island Campground Moab Utah
Hal Canyon Campground Moab Utah
Hamburger Rock Campground Moab Utah
Hittle Bottom Campground Moab Utah
Hunters Canyon/Spring Camping Area Moab Utah
Jaycee Park Picnic Area and Campground Moab Utah
Kings Bottom Camping Area Moab Utah
Moonflower Canyon Camping Area Moab Utah
Negro Bill Canyon Campground Moab Utah
Oak Grove Campground Moab Utah
Sand Flats Recreation Area Moab Utah
Upper Big Bend Camping Area Moab Utah
Devils Garden Campground Moab Utah
Moab Koa Moab Utah
Oowah Lake Campground Moab Utah
Granstaff Campground Moab Utah
Big Bend Campground Moab Utah
Upper Big Bend Campground Moab Utah
Upper Onion Creek Group Sites Moab Utah
Lower Onion Creek Camping Area Moab Utah
Williams Bottom Camping Area Moab Utah
Lone Mesa Group Sites Moab Utah
Horsethief Campground Moab Utah
Cowboy Camp Moab Utah
The Ledge Camping Area Moab Utah
Ken's Lake Campground Moab Utah
Warner Lake Moab Utah
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