Camping near Jenkinson Lake Loop

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South Fork Pearblossom California
Bear Lake Hughes California
Big Silver Group Pollock Pines California
Black Oak Georgetown California
Capps Crossing Pollock Pines California
Fashoda Pollock Pines California
Gerle Creek California
Harvey West Cabin Camino California
Ice House California
Loon Lake California
Middle Meadows Georgetown California
Pines Group Stanislaus Groveland California
Pipi Campground California
Ponderosa Lotus California
Ponderosa Cove Campground California
Red Fir California
Robbs Hut Pollock Pines California
Silver Creek Group Campground Pollock Pines California
Sly Guard Cabin Pollock Pines California
South Shore Campground California
Stumpy Meadows Georgetown California
Sunset-union Valley California
Van Vleck Bunkhouse Pollock Pines California
Wench Creek California
Wolf Creek California California
Wrights Lake California
Yellowjacket California
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