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SteriPEN is located on the coast of Maine in the town of Blue Hill. SteriPEN employees greet each day by arriving to work in a spacious barn. The atmosphere is very relaxed where employees are welcome to grow a vegetable or herb garden. Miles Maiden is Hydro-Photons founder and inventor of the SteriPEN. Hydro-Photon, Inc. was founded with a simple purpose: to develop ultraviolet technology, as is used in municipal water treatment plants, for use in a personal, portable device that would provide the user with safe drinking water anywhere. Hydro-Photon received its first SteriPEN patent in 1999, followed by patents in 2000 and 2003. It kills viruses, bacteria and protozoaincluding Giardia and Cryptosporidiumin seconds. SteriPEN is easy to use. SteriPEN provides a system pack which includes a SteriPEN, Pre-Filter and 1 Liter BottleSteriPEN. The Classic UV Light Water Purifier SteriPEN is the only portable batch water purifier that uses Ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy waterborne microbes.


May 17, 2014
Review: Fantastic Device!

I have used SteriPens since 2011 and they have never failed to do their job.

I have dropped this pen in a river, on the ground and taken it on many trips. It has always worked.

Value is good. Just be aware that with this model, TWO CR123 batteries are required which cost between 14-18 dollars (depending on where you look). This truth lead my to go buy their model that has an internal rechargeable battery.

Again, this thing is awesome!

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