Denali Stove Reviews

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* Burns Coleman liquid fuel, unleaded gas, jet fuel, and inverted threaded butane

* Durable aluminum pump assembly with T-handle and prefilter on fuel pickup tube

* Built in cleaning needle so jet can be cleaned while operating

* Aluminum body with pivoting stainless steel serrated pot holders for 8 inch cooking surface

* Convenient quick connect fuel connection for easy linkage in cold weather

* Liquid fuel pump assembly, refillable 22 oz fuel bottle, and butane canister fuel adapter included

* Stove weight is 11.5 oz

* Canister fuel burn time is 42 minutes at 14,500 BTU

* Burn time of liquid fuel is 98-110 minutes

* Boil time of liquid fuel is 200 to 250 seconds

* All aluminum pump assembly for dependable performance in extreme cold

* Stainless steel impingement burner for a more complete combustion from a variety of fuels

* Canister adapter has stainless steel legs

* 11,000 BTU with Coleman fuel

* 10,000 BTU with Kerosene

* Stuff sack and aluminum windscreen included

* Fuel sold separately

* Limited five year warranty

* Dimensions: 8.532″L X 7.937″W X 7.739″H

* Made in the USA of US and foreign components

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