Gear Review: MSR MicroRocket


The MSR MicroRocket is designed so be ultralight, strong and compact and is a great addition to any backpacker’s pack. What initially appealed to me is how light this single burner stove is, coming in at just 73g (2.6oz) not including fuel canister weight. The stove easily folds up and is compact enough to store …

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Backpacking weight saver: skip the bowl


Every now and then we like to share weight-saving tips for backpacking here on the blog and today’s tip is a pretty simple one: ditch your bowls and plates. You may be tempted to bring a lightweight plastic bowl and plate or even a fancy collapsable silicon bowl on your overnight backpacking trip but if …

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Build your own ultralight backpacking stove

Ultralight backpacking gear is usually anything but ultracheap but we found a video that shows you how to make your own ultralight backpacking stove using stuff you’d find in your kitchen garbage! Watch the video below or keep reading for a quick description of the steps. Hobo Stove – Ultralight Backpacking – Build It In …

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