Wild, Rustic, Southern Backpacking: The Black Creek Trail, Mississippi


The Black Creek Trail is a scenic hiking trail that winds through the Desoto National Forest and the Black Creek Wilderness area in southern Mississippi. Named after Mississippi’s only scenic riverway, the Black Creek Trail runs close to the Black … Continue reading

Trip Report: Redwood National and State Parks, California


I love trees. To me, they are wise, old friends who stand tall, shading the ground below and digging their roots deep to get a firm grasp on the earth. Watching leaves age from tiny buds in the spring to … Continue reading

Trip Report: Florida Trail: Loop Road to Oasis Visitor Center


It was mid Saturday morning when we reached the trailhead at the southern terminus of the Florida Trail. My brother and I had been planning this trip for a few months, and I was excited to be back on the … Continue reading

Snowy Ideas: Always Keep Snowshoes in the Trunk


I admit, I’m not a fan of winter. Earlier this year, while on a camping excursion across the country, I awoke on the first of September to find a leaf had fallen on the rug in front of my ten,t … Continue reading

The Benefits of Campus Outdoor Recreation


In the recreation industry, I often find myself having to “prove” the value of recreation and defend the careers of leisure service professionals. ¬†This is no small feat, and it seems that outdoor recreation, in particular, often receives the brunt … Continue reading