Outdoor Retailer: “Super-Charged” Solar Phone Cases from Secur


Technology of the future? It sure seems that way at Outdoor Retailer 2014! Secur has a new line of solar-integrated battery cases for smartphones in development–and they aren’t afraid to show it! This new technology allows smartphone users to charge their devices anywhere using advanced photovoltaic cells built into a sturdy case that attaches to the …

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Outdoor Retailer: Get Your Gear Fix On! (Day 2)


Every year, the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market attracts thousands of exhibitors, vendors, buyers, and industry representatives to Salt Lake City for four full days of intense tradeshow interactions. The Summer OR is a place where new brands are often launched, incredible progress is made for existing brands, and investment decisions are made. Not to mention, …

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Outdoor Retailer: SteriPEN’s 2015 Lineup


The Outdoor Retailer Summer 2014 show is certainly underway!  Many companies have begun to unveil new and modified lines of products, including SteriPEN, an innovative brand that specializes in UV water treatment devices.  Here are some of the new updates and details about the current line of products that SteriPEN will officially include in its …

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Review: 12 Survivors Fixed Blade Knife


Knives are an absolutely essential piece of gear, but when I saw the 12 Survivors Fixed Blade Knife for the first time, my first reaction was one of skepticism.  ”A fixed blade knife, in plastic packaging, made by a survival company?”  If I had to put a finger on it, my personal Bear Grylls stigmas and …

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5 Reasons You Should Give Backpacking a Try

2014-07-21 backpacking

People give plenty of excuses for avoiding experiences like backpacking–and you can see some of those reasons and my arguments against them here.  But if you have even an inkling of interest, then you should try it!  Why? 1. The scenery. Wilderness areas are scenic.  They’re beautiful. There is nothing like seeing wildflowers, bubbling brooks, …

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Review: ENO HouseFly Rain Tarp


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE sleeping in a hammock.  If you’ve yet to try it, I highly suggest that you give it a go!  Although you battle cold air once in a while, I find that sleeping in a hammock becomes more and more comfortable with every night. Even more than hammocking, …

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Roundup: Black Creek Trail Articles and Resources on Tripleblaze


Throughout the past few months, Tripleblaze has been able to develop and publish a variety of articles about one of Mississippi’s best-kept backpacking secrets: the Black Creek Trail.  This 42-mile trail was an unexpected surprise to us as a scenic, remote, and little-traveled route for winter backpacking and hiking in the Southeast. Recently, we’ve made …

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Review: Grand Trunk Travel Pillow


You’re out camping in Yellowstone National Park.  It’s getting late, and the fire is burning down to some glowing embers.  As the conversation softens, your eyelids also begin to grow heavy, and you think of your cozy tent off in the corner of the campsite.  Lucky for you, a warm sleeping bag and a soft …

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Review: Purinize Water Purifer Solution


Purinize.  Heard of it before? Water treatment products have taken huge strides forward in the past five years in terms of technology, innovation, and effectiveness. Purinize is one of these new products that offers an intriguing twist to water treatment.  It is the only water treatment solution that I have heard of that touts itself as …

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