Review: Switch Lynx Sunglasses


How many different styles and brands of sunglasses are out there? ¬†The number of options seem endless sometimes… but the brand Switch offers something truly unique that is worth investigating in the world of outdoor optics. ¬†Check it out: Switch … Continue reading

Review: Hydrapak Stash Bottle


This summer, I¬†reported on Hydrapak’s line of collapsible water bottles as seen at the Summer Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City. ¬†At that time, the Stash bottle was unveiled as Hydrapak’s newest compact water bottle. ¬†This new collapsible water … Continue reading

National Park Service Fee Free Day: February 14-16


In 1916 President Woodrow Wilson singed into law the National Park Service to conserve our most precious¬†natural and historic jewels for the enjoyment generation after generation. Celebrate the gift that keeps on giving February 14-16¬†in observance of Presidents Day weekend¬†with … Continue reading

Review: GU Roctane Endurance Gel


Above and beyond normal energy gels, GU has released the Roctane Endurance Gel series after years of testing with thousands of athletes who have engaged in extreme activities and endurance competitions. Roctane Gels are superior to GU’s original energy gel … Continue reading

Interview: Caving Advice and Guidelines


I’ve had the incredible opportunity to correspond with Jennifer Redell, Cave & Mine Specialist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, about caving activities in the Upper Midwest and abroad. ¬†As caves continue to see more and more activity, her … Continue reading

Glacier National Park’s Highline Trail: Add It To Your Bucket List


I’ve decided to make it a point to celebrate my birthdays in beautiful places. Thankfully, my birthday falls on Labor Day weekend, and small excursions are a little more feasible. Last year I woke up in the Redwood Forest, this … Continue reading