Review: 12 Survivors Fixed Blade Knife


Knives are an absolutely essential piece of gear, but when I saw the 12 Survivors Fixed Blade Knife for the first time, my first reaction was one of skepticism.  ”A fixed blade knife, in plastic packaging, made by a survival company?” … Continue reading

Trip Report: The Cathedral Spires, South Dakota


When passing near the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Needles east of Sylvan Lake is easily one of my favorite locations to stop and hike!  In fact, it would be a shame to not stop in the Black Hills … Continue reading

Review: Hama Katoomba 150L Vario Side Sling-Bag


Just looking at the Katoomba 150, you can tell there is more than meets the eye. This DSLR camera sling bag offers a sturdy build from quality materials combined with a clever design, making it perfect for your next adventure. … Continue reading

Trip Report: Weekend Warrior Visits Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas


Have you heard the phrase “not all National Parks are created equal?” A few times when I’ve mentioned my bucket list ambition to make a stop at each one, this has been said. I hate to admit it, but I … Continue reading

Trip Report: Enchanting Adventures at Enchanted Rock


In the heart of Texas stands a rock formation with adventures for almost all of the outdoorsy types, carrying with it a bit of folklore as well. Enchanted Rock lies in the middle of hill country, 15 miles north of Fredricksburg … Continue reading

Review: IceMule Classic Cooler


Overview The IceMule Classic is an adaptable leak-proof cooler for outdoor enthusiasts.  Whether you are heading out on the rivers of Wisconsin, camping at a state park in Georgia, or off-roading in Colorado, the IceMule suits a variety of different … Continue reading

Roundup: Black Creek Trail Articles and Resources on Tripleblaze


Throughout the past few months, Tripleblaze has been able to develop and publish a variety of articles about one of Mississippi’s best-kept backpacking secrets: the Black Creek Trail.  This 42-mile trail was an unexpected surprise to us as a scenic, … Continue reading

Interview: Caving Resources and Information for the Upper Midwest


We have had the incredible opportunity to correspond with Jennifer Redell, Cave & Mine Specialist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, about caving activities in the Upper Midwest as a form of recreation.  As caves continue to see more … Continue reading