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We’ve recently launched a new feature here on Tripleblaze.com: the hiking and camping Photo of the Day. Each day we highlight a different camping or hiking image that strikes us as exceptional.

These aren’t just run-of-the-mill snapshots. These are images that usually require the photographer to go out of their way to capture the beauty of the scene, and most are true works of art.

We search through all the photos submitted to Tripleblaze.com and the Tripleblaze Facebook Page to find the absolute best photos each week. If you want your photo featured as a POD, all you have to do is upload it to the website (uploading it to a regular trail page or campground page works). Be sure to include key information like your name (name of the photographer), a URL to your website for attribution (optional), the location the photograph was taken, and the names of anyone in the image (also optional).

We’re looking forward to checking out your camping and hiking photos!

Here are the past seven photos that we featured as PODs. Afraid you’ve missed other past PODs? Check out the Photo of the Day Gallery to see all of the images we’ve featured in the past.

“I came across this gem on my hike at North Woods Branch Trail in Christmas, Florida.”¬†Photo: Melissa Peacock.

“Sunrise there’s a fire in the sky.” Everglades National Park, Florida.¬†Photo: Ramblin’ Man Dan.

Morocco. Photo: Titan Desert.

Backpacking in Ocala National Forest, Florida. Photo: FLTrekker.

Deep Creek above the tubing drop in point.” Bryson City, North Carolina.¬†Photo: Sarah Hikes.

Trail: Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo: MountainMan.

Tom Branch Falls, Bryson City, North Carolina. Photo: Sarah Hikes.

Coming next week: How to get your photo featured as a Photo of the Day.

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