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Over the past couple weeks we’ve been adding some new features to that we’re pretty excited to share with you:

New Campground & Hiking pages: The campground and hiking pages are still your staring point for finding outdoor destinations in your state and we’ve added previews of the best campgrounds and hiking trails in the US plus links to some of the top rated camping and hiking gear in our review database.

Blog account integration: Some members may have noticed that you needed two different logins to comment on the blog and to review campgrounds or trails but we’ve integrated things so you only need to login once. Last week we crossed the 4,000 member mark – let’s hit 10,000 by the end of the summer!

Upcoming contest: Shhhh… it’s a secret. We’re planning on announcing a contest next week with great prizes but you can get a head start by adding photos, reviews, and new listings for your favorite campgrounds and trails right now. The contest will cover submissions during the month of May with more details to come next week.

Get outside the weekend and enjoy the weather!

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