Outdoor classes for women


The Louisiana state Wildlife and Fisheries department will be hosting a workshop called “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” March 20-22 and registration for the 125 slots is currently open. We’ve heard about plenty of outdoor programs geared toward introducing women to things like hiking, camping, and even rock climbing but this program also covers topics such as “bucks and does, shotgun, rifle, archery, (and) fly-fishing.” Additional topics covered by the workshop include canoeing, camping, archery, horseback riding, fishing, boating/trailering, map and compass skills, outdoor photography and camp cooking.

Somehow I suspect this course was designed by men looking to get their wives interested in outdoor activities and not by women trying to help each other out (though I could be completely wrong). My wife was involved in a program she enjoyed called Girls Adventure Out (now know as simply Adventure Out) in the San Francisco bay area that organized clinics on surfing and mountain biking in addition to the regular outdoor stuff like camping and hiking. Learning outdoor skills with a group of women can be less intimidating for some so check your local area for similar programs.

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