Urban camping for deals

Here’s a bit of camping news to get you in the holiday spirit: urban camping ahead of Black Friday. Apparently some folks in Brownsville, TX are already lining up for the day-after-Thanksgiving deals at the local Best Buy and the local news station was out to see what it was all about. With tents, camping chairs, and sleeping bags the campers set up in the parking lot and it seems the store manager doesn’t really mind.

The campers are just as interested in hanging out and having a good time ahead of the sales as they are in getting good deals on electronics. Of course this certainly isn’t the only example of urban line-camping we’ve seen. Folks routinely line up days ahead of time for movie, concert, and sports tickets and we’ve even heard of couples lining up to reserve hot wedding spots a year in advance of their nuptials.

Of course some municipalities have rules against camping in public areas but if your local codes allow it, why not pitch a tent outside your local mega-mart. I just hope none of these guys start craving turkey and football tomorrow – I’d hate for them to lose their places in line! ;)

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