Hiking every trail in the White Mountains

How’s this for goal dedication: Tony Federer recently completed a 50-year+ quest to hike all the trails in the Appalachian Mountain Club’s White Mountains Guide. Federer started hiking the trails in the late 1940s and completed the final section just this summer. The 600-page hiking guide Federer used lists more than 1,400 miles of trails in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (no word on which edition he owns). Using a spreadsheet Federer religiously tracked his hikes to make sure he completed every last mile of trail.

I’m a big fan of exploring trails too and the idea of trying to hike every mile of trail in my state (or just my county!) is surprisingly attractive. I suppose it’s partly why I keep a ‘My Trails‘ list here on Tripleblaze.com and why my bookshelf at home is full of hiking and camping guidebooks. The “Hiker’s Guide to Georgia” book alone contains more than 1,000 miles of trails and it doesn’t come close to complete coverage of the state’s hiking trails. Would one lifetime be enough to explore 50% of them? Perhaps if you’re Tony Federer. ;)

Who will be the first to hike all the trails listed on tripleblaze.com? How about just hiking all the trails listed in your state? Start a hiking trail wishlist today!

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