Glacier National Park’s Highline Trail: Add It To Your Bucket List


I’ve decided to make it a point to celebrate my birthdays in beautiful places. Thankfully, my birthday falls on Labor Day weekend, and small excursions are a little more feasible. Last year I woke up in the Redwood Forest, this … Continue reading

Review: Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug


There are many things in life that outdoorsy people share outside of their primary activities like backpacking, climbing, mountain biking, and paddling. One of them that seems almost universal is coffee… Or at least hot drinks? ¬†We enjoy them. ¬†We … Continue reading

Review: Granite Gear’s Campus Line: Superior Pack


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Trail Review: A Jaunt in Rocky Mountain National Park


One of the best parts about having a Monday through Friday, 9-5 job is the spontaneity that hits on a Friday night at 9pm when I realize I have two whole days to explore without obligation. The open road calls … Continue reading

Outdoor Retailer: Solar Power Going Big


What’s the tech craze in the outdoor gear industry these days?¬†Well, it seems that solar-powered gadgets are certainly stealing the spotlight! When at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, we’ve noticed an increasing amount of solar-powered devices, solar-power chargers, and solar-power … Continue reading

Review: Wazoo Mountaineer Survival Kit Bracelet


On the outside, it may look like a simple paracord bracelet… but when you look closer, an incredible array of survival equipment is literally at your fingertips with the Wazoo Mountaineer Survival Kit Bracelet. ¬†Boasted as “the most complete wearable … Continue reading