The Best Hiking Trails in Colorado

Most Popular Colorado Hiking Trails

We've ranked the best places to hike in Colorado using our unique hiking trail popularity algorithm that accounts for the average rating and number of reviews for a trail, the number of people who have hiked or wish they could hike at that hiking trail. Sign up for a free account and vote for your favorite hiking trails by submitting a trail review or creating a hiking wishlist today!

New! Find the best hiking trails by city:
Colorado Springs (10), Boulder (7), Fort Collins (7), Golden (5), Evergreen (5), Littleton (4)

Rank Hiking Trail Location
1. Garden of the GodsColorado Springs, Colorado
2. Barr Trail (Pikes Peak)Manitou Springs, Colorado
3. ColumbineColorado Springs, Colorado
4. Castle GardensSalida, Colorado
5. Mount SanitasBoulder, Colorado
6. Great Sand Dunes National Park and PreserveMosca, Colorado
7. Waterdog LakesSalida, Colorado
8. Devils BackboneLoveland, Colorado
9. Sand Canyon TrailCortez, Colorado
10. Palmer ParkColorado Springs, Colorado
11. Round Mountain Summit TrailBig Thomson River Valley, Colorado
12. Chimney GulchGolden, Colorado
13. Gregory Canyon / ChautauquaBoulder, Colorado
14. Bobcat RidgeMasonville, Colorado
15. Hewlett GulchFort Collins, Colorado
16. Elk MeadowEvergreen, Colorado
17. Bear Creek Regional ParkColorado Springs, Colorado
18. Heiser To BarrColorado Springs, Colorado
19. Mount Herman TrailMonument, Colorado
20. Rabbit Mountain LoopLyons, Colorado
21. Mueller State ParkDivide, Colorado
22. Ginny TrailFort Collins, Colorado
23. Catamount TrailGreen Mountain Falls, Colorado
24. Gem LakeEstas Park, Colorado
25. Devil's Canyon Hiking AreaFruita, Colorado
26. Strand HillCrested Butte, Colorado
27. Cherry Creek TrailDenver, Colorado
28. DykeCrested Butte, Colorado
29. A-10Edwards, Colorado
30. Lion GulchLyons, Colorado
31. Midland Bike TrailBuena Vista, Colorado
32. Boggy Draw LoopDolores, Colorado
33. Loch Vale LakeRocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
34. Grey RockFort Collins, Colorado
35. Poplar GulchBuena Vista, Colorado
36. The InclineManitou Springs, Colorado
37. Rampart ReservoirWoodland Park, Colorado
38. Ceran Saint Vrain LoopJamestown, Colorado
39. Mount Galbraith ParkGolden, Colorado
40. 3 Sisters / AlderferEvergreen, Colorado
41. Maxwell FallsEvergreen, Colorado
42. Coyote RidgeFort Collins, Colorado
43. Waterton CanyonLittleton, Colorado
44. Evergreen MountainEvergreen, Colorado
45. Rocky Mountain National ParkEstes Park, Colorado
46. Mount Falcon ParkMorrison, Colorado
47. Dakota RidgeDenver, Colorado
48. Green Mountain--William Frederick Hayden ParkDenver, Colorado
49. White RanchGolden, Colorado
50. North Table MountainGolden, Colorado
51. South Valley ParkLittleton, Colorado
52. St. Vrain State ParkFirestone, Colorado
53. Dedisse TrailEvergreen, Colorado
54. Ken Caryl ValleyLittleton, Colorado
55. Peaks TrailBreckenridge, Colorado
56. Horsetooth Mountain ParkFort Collins, Colorado
57. Crosier MountainDrake, Colorado
58. Palmer Lake ReservoirPalmer Lake, Colorado
59. Betasso PreserveBoulder, Colorado
60. Bear Creek Canyon LoopColorado Springs, Colorado
61. Meyer Ranch ParkAspen Park, Colorado
62. Indian Creek LoopDenver, Colorado
63. St Mary's FallsColorado Springs, Colorado
64. Barr Lake State ParkBrighton, Colorado
65. Seven Bridges TrailColorado Springs, Colorado
66. Bear Creek Lake ParkLakewood, Colorado
67. Edna Mae Bennet Nature TrailColorado Springs, Colorado
68. Marshall Mesa/Community DitchBoulder, Colorado
69. AqueductKeystone, Colorado
70. Flume LoopBreckenridge, Colorado
71. Arkansas HillsSalida, Colorado
72. Trading PostMorrison, Colorado
73. Roxborough State ParkRoxborough, Colorado
74. Walker RanchBoulder, Colorado
75. Centennial Cone ParkIdaho Springs, Colorado
76. Barney Ford To MoonstoneBreckenridge, Colorado
77. Ridgeline Open Space TrailCastle Rock, Colorado
78. South Table MountainGolden, Colorado
79. Heil Valley RanchBoulder, Colorado
80. Wheeler LoopFrisco/Breckenridge, Colorado
81. Kipp's LoopPalmer Lake, Colorado
82. Blue SkyFort Collins, Colorado
83. Devil's Head StretchSedalia, Colorado
84. Buffalo Pass To Mountain View TrailSteamboat Springs, Colorado
85. Chatfield State ParkLittleton, Colorado
86. Boulder Valley RanchBoulder, Colorado
87. Fox Run Regional ParkMonument, Colorado
88. South Shore Lake PuebloPueblo, Colorado
89. Ute Valley ParkColorado Springs, Colorado
90. Monarch BackcountryHighlands Ranch, Colorado
91. Keystone GulchDillon / Silverthorne, Colorado
92. Tipperary Creek LoopFraser, Colorado
93. Ringtail-swallowtailSedaila, Colorado
94. Glendale Open Space TrailLone Tree, Colorado
95. Highlands Ranch BackcountryHighlands Ranch, Colorado
96. Goat Camp CreekColorado Springs - Air Force Academy, Colorado
97. Dwight'sBreckenridge, Colorado
98. Turkey FlatsFruita, Colorado
99. Lory State ParkFort Collins, Colorado
100. Upper Upper LoopCrested Butte, Colorado

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