The Best Campgrounds in Idaho

Most Popular Idaho Campsites

We've ranked the best places to camp in Idaho using our unique campsite popularity algorithm that accounts for the average rating and number of reviews for a campground, the number of people who have camped or wish they could camp at that campground. Sign up for a free account and vote for your favorite camping sites by submitting a campground review or creating a campground wishlist today!

New! Find the best campgrounds by city:
Challis (6), Soda Springs (6), Boise (5), Cascade (5), (5), Mackay (4)

Rank Campground Location
1. Huckleberry Tent and BreakfastClark Fork, Idaho
2. Ponderosa State ParkMccall , Idaho
3. Black RockIdaho City, Idaho
4. City Of Rocks National ReserveAlmo, Idaho
5. Bull TroutLowman, Idaho
6. KirkhamLowman, Idaho
7. Hell's Gate State ParkLewiston, Idaho
8. Mann Creek ReservoirWeiser, Idaho
9. Meadow Creek CampgroundMoyie Springs, Idaho
10. AmanitaCascade, Idaho
11. Alturas Lake InletStanley, Idaho
12. GraybackIdaho City, Idaho
13. Lake CascadeCascade, Idaho
14. Albeni CoveOldtown, Idaho
15. Big HankPrichard, Idaho
16. Shafer ButteMountain Home, Idaho
17. Deadwood ReservoirCascade, Idaho
18. Fish Creek ReservoirShoshone, Idaho
19. Salmon Falls Creek ReservoirTwin Falls, Idaho
20. Willow CreekBoise, Idaho
21. ButtermilkIsland Park, Idaho
22. Easley CampgroundStanley, Idaho
23. Emigration CampgroundMontpelier, Idaho
24. Hot SpringsBoise, Idaho
25. Alpine North LoopTarghee, Idaho
26. EastsideBoise, Idaho
27. Anderson Ranch Reservoir Boat RampsMountain Home, Idaho
28. Black Canyon ReservoirEmmett, Idaho
29. Boulder White Clouds Trailhead CampgroundChallis, Idaho
30. Bruneau-Jarbidge Rivers Recreation AreaBruneau, Idaho
31. Cottonwood Recreation SiteChallis, Idaho
32. Lake WalcottRupert, Idaho
33. Mackay Reservoir Recreation SitesMackay, Idaho
34. Thief Valley Dam and ReservoirBaker City, Idaho
35. Thorn Creek ReservoirShoshone, Idaho
36. East Fork Baker CreekKetchum, Idaho
37. Boiling Springs Cabin, Idaho
38. Bonneville, Idaho
39. Cabin Creek A-frameSalmon, Idaho
40. Evergreen CampgroundCouncil, Idaho
41. French CreekCascade, Idaho
42. Heyburn State ParkPlummer , Idaho
43. Luby BayPriest River, Idaho
44. RattlesnakeEmmett, Idaho
45. Sam Owen, Idaho
46. Silver Creek CampgroundGarden Valley, Idaho
47. Robinson ParkMoscow, Idaho
48. Lucky Peak Lake State ParkBoise, Idaho
49. Craters Of The Moon National Monument &Arco, Idaho
50. Great Rift Backcountry AreaAmerican Falls, Idaho
51. North Fork Slate CreekRiggins, Idaho
52. Albert MoserPreston, Idaho
53. Antelope, Idaho
54. Bartoo Island Group SitePriest River, Idaho
55. Bear Lake State ParkParis , Idaho
56. Beauty Creek CampgroundCoeur D'alene, Idaho
57. Bell Bay CampgroundHarrison, Idaho
58. Big Springs - CaribouPocatello, Idaho
59. Bumblebee CampgroundWallace, Idaho
60. Hayfork Group CgIdaho City, Idaho
61. Montpelier Canyon CampgroundMontpelier, Idaho
62. Paris Springs CampgroundMontpelier, Idaho
63. Sagehen Creek, Idaho
64. South Fork CampgroundGrangeville, Idaho
65. Warm LakeCascade, Idaho
66. Laird ParkPrinceton, Idaho
67. Bayhorse CampgroundChallis, Idaho
68. Birch Creek CampgroundLeadore, Idaho
69. Blackfoot RiverSoda Springs, Idaho
70. Blowout CampgroundAlpine, Idaho
71. Cutthroat Trout CampgroundSoda Springs, Idaho
72. Dike Lake CampgroundSoda Springs, Idaho
73. East Fork CampgroundChallis, Idaho
74. Garden Creek CampgroundArco, Idaho
75. Hawkins Reservoir CampgroundVirginia, Idaho
76. Herd Lake CampgroundChallis, Idaho
77. Lake WahaLewiston, Idaho
78. Little Wood River ReservoirCarey, Idaho
79. Lower Salmon RiverRiggins, Idaho
80. Magic ReservoirMagic City, Idaho
81. McClendon Spring CampgroundMalta, Idaho
82. McFarland CampgroundSalmon, Idaho
83. Montour Wildlife/Recreation Management AreaBoise, Idaho
84. Morgan Creek CampgroundChallis, Idaho
85. Morgans Bridge CampgroundSoda Springs, Idaho
86. Redpoint CampgroundPreston, Idaho
87. Sage Hen Flats CampgroundSoda Springs, Idaho
88. Soldiers Meadow ReservoirLewiston, Idaho
89. Tower Rock CampgroundSalmon, Idaho
90. Trail Creek Bridge CampgroundSoda Springs, Idaho
91. Williams Lake CampgroundSalmon, Idaho
92. Iron Bog CampgroundMackay, Idaho
93. Park Creek CampgroundMackay, Idaho
94. Phi Kappa CampgroundMackay, Idaho
95. Smith LakeBonners Ferry, Idaho
96. Whiskey Rock CampgroundClark Fork, Idaho
97. SlimsGrangeville, Idaho
98. Little Roaring CampgroundMountain Home, Idaho
99. Eightmile CampgroundStanley, Idaho
100. North ForkSilver City, Idaho

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