The Best Hiking Trails in Moab, Utah

Most Popular Moab, Utah Hiking Trails

We've ranked the best places to hike in Moab, Utah using our unique hiking trail popularity algorithm that accounts for the average rating and number of reviews for a trail, the number of people who have hiked or wish they could hike at that hiking trail. Sign up for a free account and vote for your favorite hiking trails by submitting a trail review or creating a hiking wishlist today!

Rank Hiking Trail Location
1. Negro Bill CanyonMoab, Utah
2. Amasa Back TrailMoab, Utah
3. Arches National ParkMoab, Utah
4. SlickrockMoab, Utah
5. Porcupine RimMoab, Utah
6. Klondike BluffsMoab, Utah
7. Poison Spider MesaMoab, Utah
8. Dead Horse Point State ParkMoab, Utah
9. Baby StepsMoab, Utah
10. Sovereign Single TrackMoab, Utah
11. The Whole EnchiladaMoab, Utah
12. White Rim TrailMoab, Utah
13. Portal TrailMoab, Utah
14. Pipe DreamMoab, Utah
15. Bartlett WashMoab, Utah
16. Gemini BridgesMoab, Utah
17. Canyonlands National ParkMoab, Utah
18. Hunters Canyon TrailMoab, Utah
19. Moab RimMoab, Utah
20. 7 UpMoab, Utah
21. Fin and thingsMoab, Utah
22. Jewel Tibbetts ArchMoab, Utah
23. Corona Arch TrailMoab, Utah
24. Fisher Towers TrailMoab, Utah
25. Hidden Valley TrailMoab, Utah
26. Amphitheater LoopMoab, Utah
27. Dead Horse Point State ParkMoab, Utah

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