The Best Campgrounds in Alberta

Most Popular Alberta Campsites

We've ranked the best places to camp in Alberta using our unique campsite popularity algorithm that accounts for the average rating and number of reviews for a campground, the number of people who have camped or wish they could camp at that campground. Sign up for a free account and vote for your favorite camping sites by submitting a campground review or creating a campground wishlist today!

New! Find the best campgrounds by city:
Hinton (8), Bragg Creek (7), Lac la Biche (5), Calgary (4), Fort McMurray (4), Rocky Mountain House (3)

Rank Campground Location
1. Three Sisters CampgroundKananaskis, Alberta
2. Marten River CampgroundSlave Lake, Alberta
3. Lower Lake CampgroundBragg Creek, Alberta
4. Bluerock Equestrian CampgroundBlack Diamond, Alberta
5. Tay River CampgroundCaroline, Alberta
6. Elkwater CampgroundMedicine Hat, Alberta
7. Fort Vermilion CampgroundFort Vermilion, Alberta
8. Dawson Equestrian CampgroundBragg Creek, Alberta
9. La Biche River Camping AreaLac la Biche, Alberta
10. Marguerite River Camping AreaFort McMurray, Alberta
11. Big Elbow Backcountry CampgroundBragg Creek, Alberta
12. Racehorse CampgroundSparwood, Alberta
13. Gooseberry CampgroundBragg Creek, Alberta
14. Deadhorse Meadows Backcountry Camping AreaGrande Cache, Alberta
15. Graveyard Lake / Halfway CampgroundHinton, Alberta
16. Chain Lakes CampgroundNanton, Alberta
17. Wapiabi Camping AreaRocky Mountain House, Alberta
18. Red Deer River South CampgroundSundre, Alberta
19. Lindbrook Star Gazer Campground & RV ParkTofield, Alberta
20. Sundance Provincial ParkEdson, Alberta
21. Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation AreaCochrane, Alberta
22. French Bay Provincial Recreation AreaCold Lake, Alberta
23. Willow Rock CampgroundKananaskis, Alberta
24. Fallen Timber CampgroundSundre, Alberta
25. Peace River Camping AreaGrimshaw, Alberta
26. Fawcett Lake Provincial Recreation AreaSlave Lake, Alberta
27. Whitehorse Creek CampgroundHinton, Alberta
28. Buffalo Lake CampgroundBashaw, Alberta
29. Thunder Lake CampgroundBarrhead, Alberta
30. Twin Lakes CampgroundManning, Alberta
31. Fickle Lake CampgroundEdson, Alberta
32. Harlech CampgroundRocky Mountain House, Alberta
33. Garner Lake CampgroundAshmont, Alberta
34. Interlakes CampgroundBragg Creek, Alberta
35. Buck Lake CampgroundBreton, Alberta
36. McLeod River CampgroundHinton, Alberta
37. Wyndham-Carseland CampgroundCarseland, Alberta
38. Little Elbow CampgroundBragg Creek, Alberta
39. Zeiner CampgroundBreton, Alberta
40. Etherington Equestrian CampgroundNanton, Alberta
41. Lakeland Provincial Recreation AreaLac la Biche, Alberta
42. Three Isle Lake Backcountry CampgroundInvermere, Alberta
43. Livingstone Falls CampgroundNanton, Alberta
44. Paddys Flat CampgroundBragg Creek, Alberta
45. Long Lake CampgroundBoyle, Alberta
46. Lakeview CampgroundBentley, Alberta
47. Mesa Butte Equestrian, Alberta
48. Sheep River Provincial ParkMillarville, Alberta
49. La Biche River Wildland Provincial ParkLac la Biche, Alberta
50. Hinton / Jasper KoaHinton, Alberta
51. McLeod River Provincial Recreation AreaHinton, Alberta
52. Lake McGregor Provincial Recreation AreaMilo, Alberta
53. Rock Lake Provincial ParkHinton, Alberta
54. Peter Lougheed Provincial ParkCanmore, Alberta
55. Horburg Provincial Recreation AreaRed Deer, Alberta
56. Smoke Lake Provincial Recreation AreaFox Creek, Alberta
57. Little Elbow Provincial Recreation AreaCalgary, Alberta
58. Fickle Lake Provincial Recreation AreaHinton, Alberta
59. Kehiwin Provincial Recreation AreaBonnyville, Alberta
60. Richardson River DunesFort McMurray, Alberta
61. Miquelon Lake Provincial ParkCamrose, Alberta
62. Moose Lake Provincial ParkBonnyville, Alberta
63. Jarvis Bay Provincial ParkBlackfalds, Alberta
64. Ghost Reservoir Provincial Recreation AreaCalgary, Alberta
65. Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation AreaGrande Cache, Alberta
66. Thompson Creek Provincial Recreation AreaKootenay Plains, Alberta
67. Bluerock Wildland Provincial ParkHigh River, Alberta
68. Hangingstone Provincial Recreation AreaFort McMurray, Alberta
69. Fisher Creek Provincial Recreation AreaCalgary, Alberta
70. Beaver Mines Lake Provincial Recreation AreaCrowsnest Pass, Alberta
71. Waiparous Creek Pronvincial Recreation AreaCanmore, Alberta
72. Wolf Lake Provincial Recreation AreaEdmonton, Alberta
73. North Buck Lake Provincial Recreation AreaLac la Biche, Alberta
74. Dawson Provincial Recreation AreaCochrane, Alberta
75. Sir Winston Churchill Provincial ParkLac la Biche, Alberta
76. Ghost River Wilderness AreaWhitecourt, Alberta
77. Queen Elizabeth Provincial ParkGrimshaw, Alberta
78. Fallen Timber South Provincial Recreation AreaCalgary, Alberta
79. Gregoire Lake Provincial ParkMcMurray, Alberta
80. Oldman Dam Provincial Recreation AreaPincher Creek, Alberta
81. Poachers Landing Provincial Recreation AreaAthabasca, Alberta
82. Park Lake Provincial ParkCoalhurst, Alberta
83. Twin Lakes Provincial Recreation AreaManning, Alberta
84. Calhoun Bay Proncial Recreation AreaDrayton Valley, Alberta
85. Franchere Bay Provincial Recreation AreaBonnyville, Alberta
86. Chain Lakes Provincial ParkClaresholm, Alberta
87. Ram Falls Provincial ParkRed Deer, Alberta
88. Wolf Lake West Provincial Recreation AreaEdson, Alberta
89. Watson Creek Provincial Recreation AreaJasper, Alberta
90. Hilliards Bay Provincial ParkHigh Prairie, Alberta
91. Caribou Mountains Wildland Provincial ParkPeace River, Alberta
92. Stoney Lake Provincial Recreational AreaPeace River, Alberta
93. Elbow River Launch Provincial Recreation AreaElbow Falls, Alberta
94. Spray Valley Provincial Park, Alberta
95. losegun Lake Provincial Recreation AreaGrande Prairie, Alberta
96. Bob Creek Wildland Provincial ParkPincher Creek, Alberta
97. Brazeau Canyon Wildland Provincial ParkHinton, Alberta
98. Phyllis Lake Provincial Recreation AreaRocky Mountain House, Alberta
99. Birch Mountains Wildland Provincial ParkFort McMurray, Alberta
100. Bow Valley Provincial ParkKananaskis, Alberta

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