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Hiking is a year-round activity in both northern and southern California, with the exception of the highest alpine trails within the Sierra Nevada. Even in Los Angeles and the bustling Bay Area, hiking trails can be found in the most unlikely places--you just have to know where to look to find them.

Redwood and Sequoia trees are a highlight for any northern California hiker and many parks and trails offer the chance to get up close. Shasta National Forest and the Sierra Nevada mountains boast dozens of hikes--from easy to strenuous--and there are even coastal beach hikes to be found along Highway 101. National Parks like Yosemite are popular with Californians and tourists alike.

Southern California boasts Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the continental US and also the lowest (and driest) point--Death Valley. Beach hikes are popular in southern California along with hikes in Angeles and Los Padres National Forests. Even the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego boast large parks with plenty of hiking trails to explore.
Olmstead Loop Cool California

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