Cabelas Trekker Rectangular Sleeping Bag Reviews

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MSRP: $80

Posted by: papasmurf454 on June 24, 2011


Rectangular sleeping bag. Bag uses Outfitter Loft insulation and is available in a variety of sizes and temperature ratings.


Reviews of Cabelas Trekker Rectangular Sleeping Bag

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Reviewed by papasmurf454 on June 24, 2011

The sleeping bag is alright. We have never had any complaints, but haven't been impressed either way. We originally bought the bags because they were rectangular and could zip together, which is what we are looking for. It accomplishes that task well and does a decent job of warmth, though not nearly approaching the ratings (we have the -20F rating and it is comfortable down to about 40F). It is big and does not compress well, but we got it with the intention of using it for car camping, so got what we were expecting. Bottom line, a decent bag for family style camping in mild weather, but would recommend it for anything beyond that.

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